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    1. Tamer version of the tv show Shameless

      by , 10-02-2016 at 02:52 AM
      I was living as a part of family that was meager in means & was constantly trying to find ways to pay the bills in some shady ways & some resourceful ways. This dream reminded me a tamer version of the tv show Shameless (American Edition). I was the mother. Lots of kids! It started at a school where one of my kids were being bullied & his sister was w/ him. It got chaotic & fast paced so I can't include all of the details or it will just be monotonous because this was a really long dream. One of the kids informed me at this point that their father went to jail but I didn't ever find out why. We then were plunged into the dark in our house. I didn't panic. I sat the kids down & had a heart to heart about us having to come up w/ ways to get our lights back on. We all were laughing at the craziness of the situation & different ideas that we had to pay our electric bill. In the end the lights came back on & we were all laughing yet again.

      It was a feel good dream. Lots of fun for a change. I woke up again today w/ a runny nose. I hate allergies. I'll be glad when I make it through the seasonal change & can breathe a little better. It mostly just bothers me in the morning & right before I go to sleep. Unfortunately it affects my dreams sometimes. I live in an old house so it makes my allergies 10 times worse.