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    1. Living glamorously

      by , 04-10-2017 at 07:47 PM
      I was living in this glamour palace like condo's. But each one looked way bigger inside than outside. I had multiple pools & walkways. It was like a utopian society if I was to liken it to something. Beautiful landscaping. I was showing my family around & I had babies. Then I realize I have another house because someone asks me what I'm going to do about my dogs in the other house. It's another glamorous place but it's a house. I then realize I'm dreaming because I don't have any dogs anymore. And like right on cue Meesha cat wakes me up, lol. I tried to go back into the dream but I couldn't keep it stable enough so after a few minutes I just gave up & got up. It was getting rather dark & sad. I've had enough of dark & sad lately in my real life so I sure as hell don't need it in my dreams.

      I've been watching shows like "Beachfront Properties" & other shows like this so it's no wonder I'd dream of this.
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    2. 5 days of DJ's due to Ice Storm issue & one DJ will make you roll w/ laughter!

      by , 01-16-2017 at 06:42 PM
      Thursday January 12, Non-Lucid: My childhood friend Shannon & I & some other friends of ours were in some sort of picture posing contest. At the end we submitted the photos that we had taken at a checkout counter which was of course odd. There were rows & rows of candy.

      Friday January 13, D1: Non-Lucid: I was staying w/ others at what looked kind of like a bed & bread & breakfast but it was actually a huge house w/ many several kitchens, floors, rooms & no sharing of bathrooms. It was very old but not run down. On the contrary that is what made it very beautiful. It had recessed panels in the walls which are something you might see an older library or very old home owned by someone wealthy. There was a creepy man running the "Inn". It felt like there were people in the walls which made me uneasy. It all felt like a very sinister situation which caused me to wake up. I snuggled up to Mike before I went back to sleep because I felt so uneasy.

      Friday January 13, D2: In & out of lucidity: I unfortunately chained right back into the dream. This time me & the mans son who was also there found a dead woman in one of the walls in a kitchen. Me & the other guests weren't being allowed to leave now. I was pleading w/ the man's son that we wouldn't tell anyone if he could just help us escape but he was terrified of his father. The son was a grown man in his 20's so it seemed as though this more young man had seen many horrors for quite some time. Me & the other guests had many failed escapes which only made the owner even angrier. I finally just woke up out of fear.

      Saturday January 14, Non-Lucid: I was in a minimum security prison but not sure why. I was in a class w/ Dana Carvey the actor/comedian. I was drawing a plan to escape but I'm not much of an artist. He said he'd give it some thought. Another day we came into another classroom much like the first & I sat in the chair that the "Top Dog" of the prison usually sat at. She was angry when she came in but finally let me sit there because I needed to sit there to see out the windows & out of door while I was sketching more ideas for an escape. Later she was very impressed by a fuse system I had developed to help us escape. My wbtb went off but I couldn't fall back asleep because I had to get up & check out the weather again. We have been doing this sense yesterday due to the ice storm warnings.

      Sunday January 15, Non-Lucid: My childhood friend Bobby & I were at a water park. I really wanted to stay asleep because I haven't seen him in a crazy amount of yrs. But of course I did anyway. The dream was pleasant & just a typical dream of having fun at a water park.

      Monday January 16, Non-lucid: This dream is funny but graphic so I need it to have a spoiler for ADULT CONTENT>

      Spoiler for ADULT CONTENT:
    3. Spellbee's Spooky comp night 20

      by , 11-05-2016 at 09:51 PM
      2 pts wbtb
      1 pt non lucid
      = 3pts

      I was staying w/ Katie briefly & we plan to go to see houses. We are looking around & see lots of bedrooms in the house we are looking at & it's clean. But it's close to other houses which I don't particularly want for my next house. Yet my kids & Mike are there & we are really liking it all & the price. Suddenly Katie grabs my hand & drags me off into a bathroom & shoves some clothes at me. She says we are going to go see Anthony in jail even though in real life he is in prison. (She was just talking about seeing him & how they made her change her shirt while she was there when it was totally appropriate). She had pulled some strings to get us into see him. Things kept going wrong so we were obviously never going to get there.
      Dream recall was interrupted do to life
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    4. Tamer version of the tv show Shameless

      by , 10-02-2016 at 02:52 AM
      I was living as a part of family that was meager in means & was constantly trying to find ways to pay the bills in some shady ways & some resourceful ways. This dream reminded me a tamer version of the tv show Shameless (American Edition). I was the mother. Lots of kids! It started at a school where one of my kids were being bullied & his sister was w/ him. It got chaotic & fast paced so I can't include all of the details or it will just be monotonous because this was a really long dream. One of the kids informed me at this point that their father went to jail but I didn't ever find out why. We then were plunged into the dark in our house. I didn't panic. I sat the kids down & had a heart to heart about us having to come up w/ ways to get our lights back on. We all were laughing at the craziness of the situation & different ideas that we had to pay our electric bill. In the end the lights came back on & we were all laughing yet again.

      It was a feel good dream. Lots of fun for a change. I woke up again today w/ a runny nose. I hate allergies. I'll be glad when I make it through the seasonal change & can breathe a little better. It mostly just bothers me in the morning & right before I go to sleep. Unfortunately it affects my dreams sometimes. I live in an old house so it makes my allergies 10 times worse.
    5. My window to the world

      by , 07-26-2016 at 04:21 AM
      Non-lucid but very vivid in details. I was with other people & we were trying to hide from I don't know who but we ended up in this house which was supposed to be my house. We went down hallways & up stairs until we finally reached what I perceived as a dead end. We were in a room. Nothing extraordinary about it or anything, just a bedroom & I didn't feel in dire danger either. Suddenly as I'm realizing it's just me & a couple of people that I don't know. I'm telling them that we are out of options. A man looks at me and smiles a sly smile & opens a doorway out of thin air & we step through. In this room there is a tall room. Very modern & it has a wall of windows. I look out the windows & we are up as high as a skyscraper! He's laughing saying "they won't find us in here". I'm finding that this is in such great detail & incredible I know I must be dreaming but before a lucid adventure could begin, Meesha Cat woke me up.

      I was pretty disappointed & tried to go back to sleep to do 2 task of the months but alas no dice.

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