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    1. Part 2 of today- SP/possible shared dream experience/another house

      by , 10-15-2016 at 05:49 AM
      I accidentally erased my first entries for the day & left the fact about my grand children being here. But they just went to sleep so I'm going to try again.

      D1: Mike & I were in my childhood home. It was dark & the twins were babies for some reason even though they were only there via the bond I felt. We both heard something. I knew it wasn't only me who heard this "something". We were moving & fumbling around the living room in darkness, around "it". Mike says, "We shouldn't have come here." And I said, "I told YOU we shouldn't come here." I awake & he is staring at me next to me. I'm in complete sleep paralysis & freaked out because I'm thinking we had a shared dream. He doesn't remember the dream, but he rarely does. And he doesn't remember looking at me. When I can move I go to pee, left bewildered. I tried to get back in the dream but no dice. This was definately memorable. I should have woke him up right then & asked him what he was dreaming about. But he just got done working 60 hrs this week & couldn't screw him out of his sleep. I should've manned up so to speak & said damn the torpedoes cuz this could have been a game changer. I've heard of it being done & my husband & I are very in sync w/ each other on a deeper level than most. Now I'll always wonder what it was. But then again I can now have a glass full kind of attitude. "If it happened once, it couldn't certainly happen again." Optimism, I like that.

      D2: Dream sign. Damn shambled house again but w/ a lot of family around. Lots & lots of rooms per usual. And I keep thinking, "It's along a road which seems creepy but it's near a small town which is good." So odd.

      Maybe I'll get lucky & the kids will go to sleep before midnight tomorrow night too. It's hard to predict w/ these 2 younger ones. My other set of 2 are just at home here so it's not anything out of the norm. But I have been making progress w/ these 2 this time around. I've prayed about it quite a lot.