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    1. Lucid cruise ship dream

      by , 10-09-2016 at 12:11 AM
      I was hanging out w/ Ellen Degeneres on a big cruise ship while she was recording a special episode of her show. (lucid)I realized I was in labor & had a baby that wasn't breathing. A group of passengers went into an auditorium type room & held vigil for the baby. It finally started breathing & I was contemplating a name. I knew I was dreaming when the father of the baby came in & it wasn't my husband about midway through the dream so I spent some time just looking around the ship & at the scene. Lucidity is curious sometimes. The auditorium was from my childhood. It was at a near by college from where I grew up. I saw a play there on a school field trip.

      For the last 2 nights I have taken Huperzine A which is for cognitive support. I can tell my dreams are different & my focus on doing my jigsaw puzzles is sharper. Over the years my pain meds have messed w/ my head at times & I so far am finding this to be as some help.
    2. Reoccurring Breaking Teeth Dream (Forgot to add to today's journal)

      by , 08-31-2016 at 02:02 AM
      I thought I was awake but I wasn't. It was a False Awakening...I had a dream that I was just sitting here in bed eating & watching tv & one of my teeth broke halfway off & I freaked out & ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror & saw that one of my teeth had broken in half. I was freaking out & went back into my room. I thought this really happened in the end & made me have some serious anxiety.

      I went back & made this journal entry because I forgot & it's my most serious reoccurring dream & reoccurring false awakening. I always think I'm awake when this happens & I wake up freaking out. It sometimes makes me have multiple false awakenings. It's a great fear I have because I have dentures on the top & fear the day I will need them on the bottom.... I don't mind talking about it.... I had crooked teeth as a child which I knew would lead to problems later in life & also had a heat stroke at a girl scout retreat along w/ some other girls which made me prone to having nausea. Now I have to be careful in the heat. Hence my anxiousness of my A/C not working right this summer. Then there was my Hyperemesis during my pregnancies I was constantly in the hospital puking up blood which ate at my teeth & stomach. Any puking scenario scares the hell out of me, where my teeth are concerned. And the final nail in the coffin was when I became a meth addict in my 20's..... Anyway, this was important for me as a person to add to my journal.
    3. I had about 6 dreams but pain interrupted me from logging them all.

      by , 07-04-2016 at 11:59 PM
      I had about 6 dreams but pain interrupted me from logging them all. I have a zit from hell inside my nose! I set my special tone alarm (Illuminate, which I highly recommend. It's already on all iphones) on my phone to wake me up every 2 hrs & it worked well but logging was too hard due to the complexity of my dreams combined with the pain from this damn zit. I feel like someone punched me in the face. Every time my alarm would go off I had to get up & take part of a pain pill & I wanted to be able to have more dreams so I chose not to log them all. These are the 2 I did log.

      D1: One of the characters was from "Bates Motel" which I was watching season 3 before I went to bed. She was the Queen in this baby factory. I was in this big factory with assembly lines which were using the Queen like a Queen bee to colonize a civilization. I was babysitting some of the kids upstairs. It was really creepy.

      D2: I was in this women's prison but it wasn't a normal prison. It actually was set up like a reoccurring dream I have of living w/ like age teenage girls. It wasn't that interesting but I became lucid & just wanted it to end because of what it represents. (I spent 2 years in a group home in my teens. I was in a similar environment at a Women's Domestic Violence shelter w/ my 3 oldest kids a crazy amount of times. Then yesterday I had to go back to the town where I was in the Girl's home as a teenager for 2 yrs which brought up a bunch of feelings... Yesterday we had to go to my sister n laws house in that town. My brother in law was just trying to make conversation & had no idea that I had extremely bad memories there. But it became a topic when I said I used to live there & we unfortunately were just 3 blocks away from where it used to be. The conversation was unexpected & I almost freaked out at the dinner table but I kept my head & dealt w/ it. Today I'm kind of in a funk over it all but that's okay.... This also was a sync of sorts due to the fact that I just found out recently that they moved the girls home & now I was back there for the first time in approximately 28 years.)

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