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    1. Reoccurring dream setting of where I used to work

      by , 11-13-2016 at 12:14 AM
      I was at my old job but it was all kinds of different. In real life I was in quality control I for a company that makes batteries for the US govt that goes into things like the space shuttle, rockets & other things I can't talk about. Anyway, one of my old male bosses had me helping to build a baseball field in the parking lot for a company picnic. Then we went inside where he has designed a new floor plan. There was the usual talk about why I was there because I didn't work there anymore which always signifies to me that I am now in the dream world & lucidity sets in. It's always bittersweet but I just start talking to people & enjoy being w/ my friends from work again at work. I'm loving shoving my skills in there very young early 20 somethings face. I always get a kick out doing this. These people just don't know jack shit, lol. There was an opening night when another of my supervisors are being talked down to because 2 of the elements aren't lining up right but it was because someone else didn't do their jobs. I was sad to be woke up by Meesha Cat because I was lucid. I did get to take out some frustrations out on some immature young adults who were acting childish.

      My husband & I used to work at the same place & he's still there. It's also where I was injured & why I'm disabled. So I have this reoccurring setting often which usually occurs when I'm having a hard time dealing w/ our financial situation. Christmas & thanksgiving together w/ multiple family birthdays also to deal w/ will always trigger this kind of dream.
    2. Part 2 of today- SP/possible shared dream experience/another house

      by , 10-15-2016 at 05:49 AM
      I accidentally erased my first entries for the day & left the fact about my grand children being here. But they just went to sleep so I'm going to try again.

      D1: Mike & I were in my childhood home. It was dark & the twins were babies for some reason even though they were only there via the bond I felt. We both heard something. I knew it wasn't only me who heard this "something". We were moving & fumbling around the living room in darkness, around "it". Mike says, "We shouldn't have come here." And I said, "I told YOU we shouldn't come here." I awake & he is staring at me next to me. I'm in complete sleep paralysis & freaked out because I'm thinking we had a shared dream. He doesn't remember the dream, but he rarely does. And he doesn't remember looking at me. When I can move I go to pee, left bewildered. I tried to get back in the dream but no dice. This was definately memorable. I should have woke him up right then & asked him what he was dreaming about. But he just got done working 60 hrs this week & couldn't screw him out of his sleep. I should've manned up so to speak & said damn the torpedoes cuz this could have been a game changer. I've heard of it being done & my husband & I are very in sync w/ each other on a deeper level than most. Now I'll always wonder what it was. But then again I can now have a glass full kind of attitude. "If it happened once, it couldn't certainly happen again." Optimism, I like that.

      D2: Dream sign. Damn shambled house again but w/ a lot of family around. Lots & lots of rooms per usual. And I keep thinking, "It's along a road which seems creepy but it's near a small town which is good." So odd.

      Maybe I'll get lucky & the kids will go to sleep before midnight tomorrow night too. It's hard to predict w/ these 2 younger ones. My other set of 2 are just at home here so it's not anything out of the norm. But I have been making progress w/ these 2 this time around. I've prayed about it quite a lot.
    3. Yesterday & Today. Reoccurring House & Time fluctuation

      by , 09-07-2016 at 06:07 PM
      9/6 D1: As I was walking all through this dream I was walking in & out of decades & centuries! It was so odd. I was living in a home w/ other women we were always discussing men & women like things. We went to a store where I met a man. The store started out as a wal-mart/k-mart like store but then turned into a very old time store. Someone had stolen something & I went outside but now it was me walking out of a house onto the porch of a house that had a crazy Victorian like look & feel to it! I was still looking for the culprit but as I walked I kept walking in & out of time. Like whatever was there previously was where I was walking. As if many things had been built in the same place over the yrs. The landscape stayed the same. Then things were on fire & I saw a man on fire & melt. It was terrifying.

      9/6 D2: I was w/ the same man from before & my parents were saying they were coming to get me. After I had told my parents about the previously mentioned store/house & being in & out of time they said they thought they should come get me. They probably thought I was losing it. They are atheist's & would never understand this concept. I was wanting to spend more time w/ the man I was with but the dream faded as Meesha Cat woke me up.

      9/6 D3 & D4: Took a nap. Both were nightmares that I just couldn't hold on to because they were all jumpy & w/ my Veritgo it just made me dizzy trying to think about it. Let alone write it down.

      Today: D1: I was in this big Victorian house. I've been in this house before in past dreams but it's been yrs since I've seen it. Friends I used to have were there & I wanted to buy the house. I was showing Mike the house. I spent an immense amount of time just walking through this enormous house because it was so familiar to me. It was greatly detailed. Light fixtures, books, bookcases, doorways ect.

      I mention ppl that used to be my friends & by used to be I mean just that. I used to do drugs w/ them in my twenties & got the hell away from them. They were even to this day toxic people.... The house I mentioned could be a past life thing. It was amazing! I could've walked through it all day long!

      Today D2: I was in this Dollar Store. I was trying to buy things early for Christmas but as I would pick up a few things & throw them in the basket, I'd look back & the other things I wanted would be gone. Then things from my basket were missing. This process repeated over & over & over.

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    4. Went back to my hometown. And hiring under false pretenses.

      by , 07-25-2016 at 01:26 AM
      Dream 1 non-lucid: I found myself in a non-lucid dream in my hometown. They seemed to be under a form of martial law. I had to help deliver a baby which was odd. And the fact that a childhood friend I haven't talked to in quite some time was by my side all along the way. None of the places were actual places in my tiny small hometown, lol. The soldiers were invading an event at the high school & I was being ushered around like I had been beckoned to help everyone. Apparently I got there in time & we ran them off. There were celebrations at this point.

      Dream 2-Non-lucid: Oh & this was the dream I couldn't remember yesterday but did recall today. Non-lucid but very bright & vivid. I was in this city with hotels, casinos, eccentric themed shows. Anyway, I was being approached by different kinds of people who wanted me to move there & work. It had a connection to a glamorous casino/hotel I dreamed about before. So I was walking & talking quite a bit in this dream, in restaurants & those other places I mentioned. I noticed a theme going though & didn't want to move there to work. There were many con artists in this dream who were working with other people to make me just another "mark" for these jobs. See, if you took the job you'd have to move there & it was just a vicious cycle of the landlords wanting people who lived basically hand to mouth in the end. You'd make just enough to pay for rent & do your job with a little extra after that but basically you could never move away & are surrounded by people you don't know & can't rely on.

      That first dream I think came from listening to stuff about the elections. Someone had mentioned martial law being a possibility if the "elite powers that be" don't think Hillary will win they could invoke martial law after they create something that would allow them to do so.

      The second was about my husbands job. They sent out legal documents to all employees by law because they are going to do a mass firing of at least 100 people starting very soon. Just FYI, I used to work there too so I know a lot about how government likes their private businesses run. They make the batteries that goes into the space shuttle, all kinds of weapons, including TOP SECRET ones. The list is extensive & the new buyout was unprecedented. Some one bought all of the plants, not just 1 which happens sometimes. They have already fired a crazy amount of ppl including very smart people. It's a scary scenario.

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    5. I had about 6 dreams but pain interrupted me from logging them all.

      by , 07-04-2016 at 11:59 PM
      I had about 6 dreams but pain interrupted me from logging them all. I have a zit from hell inside my nose! I set my special tone alarm (Illuminate, which I highly recommend. It's already on all iphones) on my phone to wake me up every 2 hrs & it worked well but logging was too hard due to the complexity of my dreams combined with the pain from this damn zit. I feel like someone punched me in the face. Every time my alarm would go off I had to get up & take part of a pain pill & I wanted to be able to have more dreams so I chose not to log them all. These are the 2 I did log.

      D1: One of the characters was from "Bates Motel" which I was watching season 3 before I went to bed. She was the Queen in this baby factory. I was in this big factory with assembly lines which were using the Queen like a Queen bee to colonize a civilization. I was babysitting some of the kids upstairs. It was really creepy.

      D2: I was in this women's prison but it wasn't a normal prison. It actually was set up like a reoccurring dream I have of living w/ like age teenage girls. It wasn't that interesting but I became lucid & just wanted it to end because of what it represents. (I spent 2 years in a group home in my teens. I was in a similar environment at a Women's Domestic Violence shelter w/ my 3 oldest kids a crazy amount of times. Then yesterday I had to go back to the town where I was in the Girl's home as a teenager for 2 yrs which brought up a bunch of feelings... Yesterday we had to go to my sister n laws house in that town. My brother in law was just trying to make conversation & had no idea that I had extremely bad memories there. But it became a topic when I said I used to live there & we unfortunately were just 3 blocks away from where it used to be. The conversation was unexpected & I almost freaked out at the dinner table but I kept my head & dealt w/ it. Today I'm kind of in a funk over it all but that's okay.... This also was a sync of sorts due to the fact that I just found out recently that they moved the girls home & now I was back there for the first time in approximately 28 years.)

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