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    1. Emergency Party Line (Reoccurring Dream Sequence)

      by , 02-27-2017 at 09:15 PM
      Sunday night dream: It was Christmas time. I'm working an emergency party line. I'm familiar w/ this reoccurring dream. I become lucid. I can teleport easily in this dream when I get a msg on my board. It looks like a map with schematics of sorts. There is an old yellow phone on the wall of a hallway. I jump in & out of Christmas parties letting them know there is an upcoming catastrophic event about to happen. Tornado's is the event all night. Mike appears by a phone in one of the parties & I tell him about how I do this in my dream. I explain that this is a reoccurring dream & he thinks this whole thing is really cool of course, lol. I am calm & take him w/ me on a call. Each place I go to also has a phone there to relay my msg there & recieve msgs. His second ex-wife is there. She's still batshit crazy as in real life. I tell her what I'm doing & then realize, wtf am I doing & I make her not crazy & then just make her disappear to not deal w/ her in my dream. Meesha Cat wakes me up.

      D2: Chained. Back into the dream again. I see a tornado this time & go through protocol again. This time I remember that last time it was Halloween the last time & it's Christmas in these last 2 dreams which is different. I then wake up & need to go feed Meesha who is staring at me IRL of course, lol.
    2. Reoccurring dream setting of where I used to work

      by , 11-13-2016 at 12:14 AM
      I was at my old job but it was all kinds of different. In real life I was in quality control I for a company that makes batteries for the US govt that goes into things like the space shuttle, rockets & other things I can't talk about. Anyway, one of my old male bosses had me helping to build a baseball field in the parking lot for a company picnic. Then we went inside where he has designed a new floor plan. There was the usual talk about why I was there because I didn't work there anymore which always signifies to me that I am now in the dream world & lucidity sets in. It's always bittersweet but I just start talking to people & enjoy being w/ my friends from work again at work. I'm loving shoving my skills in there very young early 20 somethings face. I always get a kick out doing this. These people just don't know jack shit, lol. There was an opening night when another of my supervisors are being talked down to because 2 of the elements aren't lining up right but it was because someone else didn't do their jobs. I was sad to be woke up by Meesha Cat because I was lucid. I did get to take out some frustrations out on some immature young adults who were acting childish.

      My husband & I used to work at the same place & he's still there. It's also where I was injured & why I'm disabled. So I have this reoccurring setting often which usually occurs when I'm having a hard time dealing w/ our financial situation. Christmas & thanksgiving together w/ multiple family birthdays also to deal w/ will always trigger this kind of dream.
    3. Part 2 of today- SP/possible shared dream experience/another house

      by , 10-15-2016 at 05:49 AM
      I accidentally erased my first entries for the day & left the fact about my grand children being here. But they just went to sleep so I'm going to try again.

      D1: Mike & I were in my childhood home. It was dark & the twins were babies for some reason even though they were only there via the bond I felt. We both heard something. I knew it wasn't only me who heard this "something". We were moving & fumbling around the living room in darkness, around "it". Mike says, "We shouldn't have come here." And I said, "I told YOU we shouldn't come here." I awake & he is staring at me next to me. I'm in complete sleep paralysis & freaked out because I'm thinking we had a shared dream. He doesn't remember the dream, but he rarely does. And he doesn't remember looking at me. When I can move I go to pee, left bewildered. I tried to get back in the dream but no dice. This was definately memorable. I should have woke him up right then & asked him what he was dreaming about. But he just got done working 60 hrs this week & couldn't screw him out of his sleep. I should've manned up so to speak & said damn the torpedoes cuz this could have been a game changer. I've heard of it being done & my husband & I are very in sync w/ each other on a deeper level than most. Now I'll always wonder what it was. But then again I can now have a glass full kind of attitude. "If it happened once, it couldn't certainly happen again." Optimism, I like that.

      D2: Dream sign. Damn shambled house again but w/ a lot of family around. Lots & lots of rooms per usual. And I keep thinking, "It's along a road which seems creepy but it's near a small town which is good." So odd.

      Maybe I'll get lucky & the kids will go to sleep before midnight tomorrow night too. It's hard to predict w/ these 2 younger ones. My other set of 2 are just at home here so it's not anything out of the norm. But I have been making progress w/ these 2 this time around. I've prayed about it quite a lot.
    4. Housing

      by , 05-26-2016 at 04:09 PM
      D 1: I was getting a tour of my new place I was moving into. It was on the second floor with a bunch of young women. It was like I was younger. It was a huge layout. The rooms were close together. The theme was like New Orleans merged with tropical houses all pastel greens & such. There were were probably 20 plus bedrooms & a giant common area. I kept thinking that if I have sex people will hear me, lol. This kind of dream is reoccurring because I spent 2 yrs in a group home & in my 20's U spent many trips to a women's safe house & the other side for drug addiction. I had a meth addiction. But unlike most people it was because I with an abusive man & now I hate the idea of anything that makes me feel like I'm on any kind of upper because it reminds of my ex.

      D 2: I was in a car with an ex-boyfriend whom I only dated a while because we were better off as friends in real life. I lied to him & told him I wasn't married when he asked but then he saw my ring & knew I was lying. The ring was my now wedding ring & then my husband called in real life to wake me up for me to go shopping.