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    1. Sleep paralysis & cats

      by , 12-14-2016 at 01:12 AM
      Very long night! First off I laid there while I prayed & did some relaxing chakra opening exercises. I wake up to Meesha laying by my side. I get up & feed her & crawl back into bed. I then woke up again w/ Meesha back on my pillow. I am having a bout of sleep paralysis but I can lean my head just barely as she rubs my face w/ hers & she is agitated. At that moment I feel what I think is a cat laying next to my side. So basically Meesha is between me & Mike's head & on the opposite side of me I feel a what I assume is another cat snuggling up to me just like Meesha did earlier. I'm starting to freak out now. I try to yell at Mike but I can't talk or move. I finally can move & there is no cat there but Meesha is still as freaked out as me. I again get up but just go pee & lay back down & fall back asleep. Again I wake up to the exact same thing but now I'm really really freaked out! I'm trying to will myself hand to hit Mike if necessary to see if he can see anything & I'm trying to scream at him. Meesha is still freaking out again too. This is so really freaky. I finally am able to move & look over & still nothing is there. I have no idea what this was all about. My dead dog Dioji maybe? We see him sometimes & I've had other weird encounters but all I can think is it's a cat because yesterday I had a couple of encounters w/ this stray black cat coming in my house. Mike wakes up at this point & I tell him what happened. I go to smoke a cig in the bathroom & he tells me to come back in the room & he'll smoke one w/ me. He knows how bad this kind of thing freaks me out. Meesha finally jumps down & soon we both go back to bed until my alarm goes off & I'm exhausted from a restless night but I have to get up & get dressed to kick of Mike's vacation w/ a meal at HuHot because it's half price Tuesday. Anyone else care to make something of all of this?