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    1. Failed Summoning [LD]

      by , 06-15-2016 at 11:28 AM (Blackbox)
      [CENTER][FONT=tahoma][B]*This entry is a re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B][/FONT][/CENTER]
      I find myself in my house, and a sudden impulse to RC kicks in. [COLOR=#0000ff]I count my fingers. "This is a dream, isn't it?" I said to myself[/COLOR]. I moved on into the act of stabilizing and the stuff along.. I focused on my vision and it got close to my RL vision. Sound and touch were present and unusually vivid, but i don't remember actually focusing on them a lot. After this, i tried to regain my memory by remembering where i'm and what i'm doing. "I'm in bed dreaming and this is my dream" Is all i recovered before stopping the memory recovery process.

      That's all i did to make the dream somewhat stable, but there was something missing and i'm not sure what. Maybe it's because i was very worried during the dream that it would be short, that's probably it. There were sudden moments in the dream in which i found myself back in bed (probably FA). But they lasted a few seconds then i found myself back where i was. Weird thing to be honest. Whatever the case was, the dream was enjoyable because i was somewhat immersed with my environment.. Something that i lacked all these times i got lucid.

      Moving on into the main things i did in the dream. I didn't try to meet my DG or fly, because to me this was a test of stability and control and that this LD came out of nowhere. I tried to summon my thought-up magical sword. And i had thought of a way to summon it but the process is very hard if control is not fully present. I guess the difficulty came from my slightly-lacking memory. Whatever, i remember being in front of the double doors that lead to the guest halls, where i was standing, i would be able to see the door of my house and slightly see the street.

      I proceeded into the summoning..

      The method:
      I would set my right hand on fire and this fire would then create smoke, the smoke would stay still in mid-air. Essentially acting as a portal to another dimension that i can pull items from.

      Of course, what i got was nothing like what i imagined. I got fire, but it was very weak. And if that wasn't enough, there was no smoke to use as a portal. The process failed and i resorted to another process of making the item appear from thin air by quickly waving my hand accross the air. This one was a failure, as that i got a knife version of the supposed long-sword i wanted. I let the knife vanish and went on with the dream.

      I entered through the doors that were to my back this whole time. Inside, there was a door nearby so i realized that i could put my hand inside without looking, and then obtain the weapon! Unfortunately enough, i don't remember what happened after this - I either woke up or lost lucidity. I put my hand inside and was able to grab a large object that felt like a sword, but i remember enough that it wasn't the thing i was looking for.[/FONT]