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    1. Violet Slash [LD] [DG]

      by , 06-15-2016 at 11:33 AM (Blackbox)
      [CENTER][COLOR=#3E3E3E][B]*This entry is a re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]

      Things are getting better for my lucid dreams. I'm still working out on my methods amidst RC's and Mindfulness. Haven't touched meditation due to laziness but i have to do so soon. First thing's first, i finally am starting to get more length out of my LDs.. Chances are that it's because i decided to immerse myself somewhat with the dream. But even then, i'm still making some awkward mistakes like forgetting to stabilize properly or activate my WL memory in my LDs. For this entry, i will make it clear that i didn't intend to even write it down at first, which lead to me losing a lot of detail on it. I mainly chose that route because i felt like i was 50% lucid, that feeling that i got a lot in my older LDs. Not much detail here, but i'll still try to put it.

      I became lucid when i was in my room, and as i discovered that it was a dream, i started touching my clothes as to stabilize my touch sense, which didn't work out that greatly. Had i restored my memory properly, i would have actually done a lot better job at stabilizing. Anyway, i only recall 2 events from the dream or so i would call them.

      The first thing is that i attempted to find my long-searched-for Dream Guide, which as you may expect failed miserably. I apparently found a person, who was collapsed down like a doll. I remember trying to talk to her but there was no reply or anything similar. The only sure-fire thing is that that person was female. Can't remember the appearance or anything else due to my almost faded dream memory by now. I recall that in the dream around when this happened i was under the impression that this was not my real DG and that there was another person nearby or something like that. I would say that i insist on a specific persona for my unknown DG but i better be ready for anything i may see. So to summarize, a collapsed girl.

      The other thing is that i was in my room, holding a sword of some kind. Again, i can't remember how i got it or what it looks like. One thing i remember is that i kept slashing the poor wall infront of me, and that i did a quick succession of slashes that immited dark purple energy lines or something similar to that. Cutting the wall felt kinda strange. After slashing the wall, i proceeded by dashing forward and clawing my left hand towards the wall, and at that moment i saw dark-purple (energy?) coming out of my hand..

      The dream lasted around 4~5 minutes. Way better than the old 1~2 minute length dreams i kept having. Strangely enough, this lucid dream appeared after i changed my mindset towards my dreams the day before:
      ・ "My dreams are very exciting and thrilling. Even if i don't become lucid, it's fine but i'll try to get lucidity. No need to stress it out"
      ・ At the same time i RC, i try to make myself feel that "dream feeling" and pretend that i'm in a dream environment. Hard to explain. .[CENTER][COLOR=#3E3E3E][FONT=tahoma][B]*This entry is a re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B]
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