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    Adventures in alternate realities.

    1. To Catch a Frieza

      by , 07-09-2017 at 02:48 PM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      To Catch a Frieza
      My friend was driving a car, we were playing a 'Telltale' game in real life.
      At first as we are driving the game said to find these certain trucks and cars, buildings, etc. with certain names
      and logos on them. It will lead us to Frieza and we can fight him.
      We continued driving but...There were cones blocking the straight path, a LED screen pointed Left or Right.
      My friend turned left, there was another LED screen ahead he was going to turn Left but I said "Right!"
      It's fair to take turns. So we turned right, I realized we were going on the Highway.
      I said "Can't we just turn back?"
      We got out of the car, we were now either Racoons or Foxes.
      We waited for cars to pass and we ran across the street, there was a garbage bag.
      We tore the bag open, I was disgusted but there could be some here we could use.
      I found 'The Rock' toy, I clicked the button on his stomach and a girly voice came out of the microphone.
      I looked a little down the small hill and saw a person, didn't bother even calling for help from him/her.
      I threw the Rock toy at him and I looked in the bag again. I found this Red flaming toy with yellow hair,
      I remember
      that I had this toy as a kid-

      BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. My alarm went off, bummer. I just got lucid, I even thought I had the toy in real life, in the dream and knew I was dreaming at that second.
      Zombies and School
      I watched some Shaun of the Dead before bed also this dream was before the Frieza one.
      I was at school in a room with my Sister Cassie and a few other people.
      The school was full of Zombies, (lots of conversations I cannot remember).
      "Damage/Shoot them in the head." I said, my Sister nodded in confirmation.


      I was in my Old room at my Old house, it was dark out the Television was on.
      I remembered being startled by something.

      Just typing earlier today because I have to do stuff later and won't be able to upload this today. I'm getting really close to Lucid Dreaming, I can feel it.
      July 9th, 2017
    2. Hacker

      by , 07-09-2017 at 03:49 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      I was in the car with my Father, I was in the seat behind him. There was this spooky school bus that we heard about.
      We passed by it, I took a picture of it and my Dad drove off.
      I accidentally took a picture of the building: "_ Police Department"
      I try to turn off my tablet but a black screen pops up and says "Hello_"
      Another screen popped up and said:
      "I am a shotgun master" with a lot of other words I forgot. I exited the screen quickly as I was scared.
      The screen popped back up with words I couldn't read, there was selected responses I can pick for questions he asked.
      I responded with "Don't Know"
      The 'hacker' asks more questions which I responded to.

      Another School Dream

      I am at school in a classroom, people are mad at me because I made this schedule that they do not like.
      This girl with her hijab was the most mad at me.
      Teacher comes in and I think 'The class can always work together to make their own schedule...'
      -Time Skip-
      We just came back from another room, I look at my desk and see my water bottle isn't there!
      I head back towards the door and see, Stephen with my water bottle in hand.
      I thank him and I noticed there was another Stephen sitting down already and the one who handed me the water bottle was still standing.
      I didn't think it was a big deal.
      -Time Skip-
      In some big room that looks kinda like a boiler room, there was a girl in a wheelchair that had to use the bathroom. (I know the girl in real life but I know two girl's in a wheelchair and don't know which one it was.)
      She gets put into a bathroom by getting picked up by a teacher. I talk to two other kids one dude and a girl with black hair (?). We all have to pee so we use the urinals.

      Another Zombie Dream

      It was the zombie apocalypse, I was walking and there was two paths I could choose.
      I picked the left one. I was by a highway.
      I believe I met some girl who asked me questions and there was a few-not many zombies in the dream.

      More school dreams and zombie dreams...great. I am going to set my alarm clock at 8 AM because I always wake up at 10 AM. Also having Acid Reflux right now, so I am trying to write this fast as possible.
      July 8th, 2017