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    1. Monter Grave Tenant

      by , 09-22-2016 at 04:18 AM
      Church Monster: A friend and I zip line over a very old street and to its end. The walk back is a very long one and I am missing a shoe. I walk carefully. We find an abandoned church and break into it. The zip liners who came behind us follow us into the church. Deep within we encounter an alien like creature that is white with compound eyes. It chases us out but I need to go back to try talk to the thing. The others won’t let me.

      Grave Message: Continuation of above just not with the same dream characters? I'm barefoot in a weedy graveyard and looking for something. Two other people appear. They are barefoot as well. We find a tipped tomb stone nearly swallowed up by weeds. When it is cleaned off we stand around attempting to decipher the message. We take photos of it then leave. We walk extra carefully because the street is covered in broken glass.

      Tenant: I rent out my extra bedroom to a twenty something year old guy. All is fine until night comes. The guy is afraid to sleep in a room by himself in the dark. He asks to sleep on the floor in my room. I shrug a "go ahead" and he camps out on my floor. I can't sleep. I suspect he might be up to no good.

      Aprox 8 hours sleep. Way too much.