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    Very far away from anywhere else

    Title taken from U.K. Le Guin novel.

    1. Various dreams of yore

      by , 10-14-2016 at 09:36 PM (Very far away from anywhere else)
      It is stated, re-writing dreams to another format may help with dream recall.
      So, to start off this journal with.

      12th of Feb, 2012

      Boy, was I an obnoxious fellow back then.

      My first dream recorded in journal was lucid. The second dream was common, and I'll write of both, since they have happened in one night.

      1st lucid dream.
      Rocket party

      I am present on some luxurious party, with tuxedos, champagne, golden drapery and such, Gatsby style. The party was going on inside. Suddenly, I realised I'm in a dream. Why? I guess I just felt it. I became excited and started rubbing hands with each other. to stabilize the environment. I went outside through the coatroom and wished so there would be a beach shore. I pushed the door and there it was, sand and sea.

      After walking there a bit I spawned a rocket with an intent to fly it. I hugged the rocket and turned it on by a demand. I don't remember the physical sensations, then the rocket took me to some village during winter. It wasnt't cold. I jumped off the rocket and felt my grasp on dream loosen. I took measures against it, but I fell in a grey fog nevertheless.

      Subjective ratings:
      Physical sensations - none
      Lucidity level - 10% to 20%
      Audial sensations - partial

      Common dreams here and further
      Troll invasion

      I was on a shore I don't recognize, sorta mediterranean. I had few other kids with me. We went home by the shore. Then we noticed giants walking across, they were fat and skin of a green colour covered theirs.


      We're at home, which seems to be my former school, particularly it's entrance hallway. I'm changing shoes. There's a hammer near me and a broken lego piece. I 'knew' what if I were to smash the lego piece with a hammer I could obtain some power. So I did. And when I done it, I reappeared directly a floor above my last location. Old master spoke something, something was bad and I should be sorry for it. When I looked out of the window, I saw trolls heading towards the entrance. This concludes it.

      6th of June, 2014
      Dragon assault

      I went to hunt a dragon with some soup-like substance to lure him. I left it in bushes, close to forest. It was sunny, not a cloud. The dragon came and started munching away, I tried to sneak in from behind, but he noticed me before I could land a strike. He turned to me, but I didn't like the way he looked, some unholy abomination with snout like pacman or something? I rewinded my dream back to the point when I set a lure in there.

      Then came another dragon, a fine looking beast this time. I sneaked in and jammed a makeshift spear into his rear. The dragon was enraged and exhaled fire all over me. To my displeasure I noticed a lack of weapon in my hand (I left it back there), but I took another spear conveniently laying nearby and fought the beast. Dragon made haste to neaby forest, there lay an entrance to some goblin cave (which, I suspect, was a dwarf minesite before) and I continued to fight him there. It was very dark and only flames the dragon emitted illuminated the shafts. Dragon kept me low on health (suddenly skyrim ui turned on), so I constantly switched to inventory and gulped down health potions. This concludes it.

      27th of Aug, 2014
      Freezing howl

      I walked my way up a ice-covered road. The road actually went at a very sharp degree, higher and higher. I pulled with me a log with spikes (branches?) covering it. I've also seen the other man carrying down a big log with some weird construction on it, it kept sliding to a side. Car appeared on scene, and speeded onto him. His log slided and hit it in the left side, knocking it in the air in slow-mo fashion. I've noticed splatters of blood on its hood. I made haste onwards, couldn't keep balance (must've walked on the edge of road) and fell down into snow, from somewhere-somewhere 12 storeys high.

      I've landed somewhere in a deep forest. Sight of wolves seemed through the black trees. I hurried there where my eyes looked, and found a burning village. It was infernal, fire was at its peak. I thught I could find some help, but there seemed to be not a soul around. Wolves' howl kept getting closer. That concludes it.

      That's about it for now. I'll get down some more in a few days.

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