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    1. The End of the Beginning

      by , 07-30-2019 at 12:12 AM
      I'm driving my car through a neighborhood around sunset time when I spontaneously realize I might be dreaming. I continue to drive the car, talking to myself about being lucid and focusing. I park the car on the side of the road and step outside. I walk to the front of the car and touch the hood before getting down on my hands and knees and feeling the pavement. I pick up a handful of dust and dirt from the road and roll it around in my hand. I want to sit down somewhere, so I imagine a bench on the other side of the road and release the dirt from my hand imagining it transforming into the bench. It was hard to do this, however, so it doesn't happen, but when I look farther up, a bench is there in front of me. I go to sit down and just observe around me for a while. I look up at the sky which has gorgeous colors of sunset with light and dark blues contrasting the streaks of clouds floating stationary high above. A bird also flies over head. I imagine the bird swooping down towards me, and sure enough, it heads straight at me with great speed. I duck out of the way exclaiming how close it was. The bird jumps up on the bench, and wants to climb on my finger. I hold it out but realize the bird is larger than I thought. It looks like a fluffy falcon or hawk with some kind of fancy feathers crowning the top of its head. I hold out my whole hand instead and it leaps onto it. A group of people comes up to me and starts talking, including me in their conversation. The whole time they're talking, I feel like the dream is speeding up and I try to slow it down by keeping myself grounded. Eventually, they walk away but I want to remember their names. I ask them but I can't recall any of them. Looking down at the concrete, I see the small ridges and patterns on top characteristic of smoothed concrete. I get down on the ground until my eyes are level with the ridges and imagine the sides of the ridges being trees with a path running down the middle. As I get up slowly, I find myself in the forest, still with the group I was talking to. The trees sway overhead, but I soon wake up.

      The title of this dream is to commemorate my physical dream journal being completed by this entry. May the second journal be more amazing than the first!
    2. The Cake is a Lie

      by , 07-18-2019 at 11:51 PM
      I'm arriving at a house in a neighborhood where an old lady greets me and takes me inside. Passing by the pantry, I notice a large cake inside. Straight ahead, I also see part of the same cake floating in a water jug. She asks me if I would like anything to drink and I politely decline. Seeming like she wants me to drink, she asks if I'm sure, and I say yes. I'm now suspicious if she's trying to get me to drink because the water's poisoned somehow by the cake. After refusing twice she still ends up pouring a glass from the jug and tells me to drink it. I threaten her by grabbing her face and saying something before walking out and leaving in my car. On my drive home, I get pulled over by a cop car. I roll my window down and the female cop tells me that the lady I was with was some kind of killer and just wanted me to know.
    3. The Rain Dog

      by , 09-11-2018 at 05:37 PM
      I'm in my car with someone else driving it. I'm somewhat worried about the noise my car is making as it's moving as it sounds like the suspension is creaking. We are headed downtown to go to some kind of bar, but there is a lot of traffic. We squeeze through the tight street and weaving through the pedestrians crossing before finally getting to our destination and parking in a parking garage. We enter the building and make our way downstairs. There are checkpoints along the way that we're supposed to stop at and have barriers blocking the way, but we just hurdle them and keep going. Once we're downstairs, It feels more like a Biolife donation center than anything else. We are all waiting for a seat to be available, when people start bringing around drinks. Apparently, it's a sample of wine and it's brought out in a large chilled mug but very thick, so that the diameter of the actual volume to hold the wine is only an inch or so wide. It tastes really good though and I feel like having more. We leave the building soon after this, taking the same route back out. Later, I'm outside my house in the rain when I see a dog limping. It's soaked from the rain and looking for shelter. I run back home telling it to follow me so that I can grab a towel. I run to the garage to find an old towel and run back to find the dog sitting patiently at the front door. I let it in and start drying it off.
      Tags: car, dog, traffic, wine