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    1. animal transfomaton

      by , 08-11-2017 at 04:07 PM
      First dream-(just remembered this dream)this whole dream takes place in the game)I'm pretty sure this game is based off of don't starve now that I think about it)
      Fragment- Look (insert name here) this is that one game we played it is now fully released.
      I start playing the game I don't remember if I played this game In real life or if I've only played it in a dream. I must say now this is a survival game that I feel I've played it in real life. I am in the game, I am the character that is in the game. I am stranded in the middle of a the plains There is quite a lot of life around me and there are materials sticking out of the ground.
      Next scene and I already have a house and there is another person but right now we are in a food crisis But we have one food I collected and that is these insanity mushrooms (yep) now we put these in the ground to grow them. Next scene and they are grown and now I eat one. Ok I'm fine I eat another and I black out. (pretty boring dream to be honest)
      I am at my grandmas house It looks quite the same as my real house but there is one different part and that is the kitchen. I'm in the kitchen, Siting on the chair and I am crying cause I am starting think about how my grandma is close to death and remember someone enters the kitchen, But I don't remember who.
      The next scene I am sneaking into a Manson I don't know why and I don't know where I am now I am just sneaking in. Now I am in the Mansion from climb through the window, and there is a cat and It hisses and just simply transforms now it is a girl, (any of you know what no game no life is)well she looked like that one cat kid from it just s darn cute I just wish I could pet her) but she runs at me and throws me her claws, but luckily I dodge and (I don't remember what happens next)
      In this next scene I am in the kitchen of my grandmas house but she is not here so I have the "cat" with me and I let "It" get use to "It's" surroundings It transforms again and I ask her why she says "being a cat is weird" me "Isn't that your normal form" her "it is" and we leave it at that (I bet something happens between this huge transition but I've tried but just can't remember)
      Now I am in my grandmothers yard Looks completely normal Except for me and the cat girl and on the other side has a huge side of animal people, and me and the cat girl charge to battle (now this freaking sucks, the dream ends here, not the scene, the whole dream. It would of been so much fun to see the battle and not be left with a cliffhanger but oh well)