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    1. An Illegal Dream?

      by , 08-10-2017 at 03:18 PM
      1st dream-(pretty uneventful) I was in my house, I didn't just wake up I was in my parents bedroom. I am watching YouTube, but this video was weird. The YouTuber's girlfriends had her breast bare. (could of become lucid because they were completely family friendly they don't even cuss at all) They're playing a game it was like black opps zombie mode, cause the map was weird and it had weapons to buy on the wall, has zombies, but it had a some things non black opps related. For one, it had a left for dead zombie called the tank and had a poison head crab from Garys mod. They were just talking and talking but I don't remember them saying anything except for hey (forgot the name) girlfriend why don't you have a shirt on. The dream ends after a while of gameplay.
      2nd dream- yall should comment cause what is in this dream is illegal. I would put it down but It is to embarrassing. (seriously what if I put it in my old dream journal and a family member reads it? I would be in trouble. but of course if no one cares I'll put down even the most disgusting stories.

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