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    Creatures of the Labyrinth

    The most interesting part of my dreams, to me, is the worldbuilding. Not necessarily the stories or narratives the dreams create, though that can be interesting as well, but the worlds and characters and creatures and beings that are used within the dream. My dreams tend to be heavier on worldbuilding than on story.

    In accordance with my interests, I plan on making an "unorthodox" dream journal. Not for recording the dreams or their stories, necessarily, but I'd like to focus on the creatures and entities that appear in my dreams, to write entries for and describe them in detail.

    1. Breatharian Spider

      by , 04-25-2018 at 09:31 PM (Creatures of the Labyrinth)
      The being I met was a gigantic spider. His body was a lime-green sphere, with one eye and a jagged mouth. He had eight spindly brown legs extending from his body, and wore a crumpled purple top hat. He introduces himself as "the Wisest Spider", though it is questionable at best if the things that come out of his mouth constitute "wisdom".

      The Wisest Spider has a long list of opinions on what behaviors a "True Spider" will or will not engage in, brushing aside any concerns that this might be a "No True Scotsman Fallacy" by simply not acknowledging that the concern was even raised.

      The Wisest Spider continues to peddle his questionable wisdoms in his advocacy for the Breatharian lifestyle. That is, a lifestyle that eschews eating and drinking entirely, claiming the body doesn't actually need food to function. The Wisest Spider is himself a Breatharian, never eating or drinking, and attests that this is the "healthiest lifestyle".

      Except, of course, on his "cheat days", in which he eats ("for purely recreational reasons" he assures us). It's not that he needs to eat, he just wants to some times, because he likes to taste things. These cheat days are, well, every other day. Attempts to argue to the Wisest Spider that his lifestyle isn't "Breatharianism" but merely "intermittent fasting" do not appear to work. He is adamant that he is practicing a "Breatharian" lifestyle, and besides, he likes the sound of the word.

      ////==\\\\ ~Wisdom~