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    1. Feb 20 to 21 dreams - lucid of flying on a flying house toward space, 3 moons

      by , 02-21-2018 at 08:29 PM
      Here were my dreams. Lucid parts in this color/bold.

      First round of dreams. A little came back to me after I laid back down.

      Something with a dimensional Bug. something with my friends brother T S. T S wanted to go somewhere and I wanted to help him but it wasn't the right time.

      I had an audio player that was supposed to be for sale. I was supposed to be able to get a lot of money for it because it would gain a lot of value over time. i was excited to realize I had such a valuable thing. I couldn't really sell it because it would keep gaining value.

      There was something about my car. I was parking it in the R A parking lot in G C but I wasn't supposed to. I think I was leaving the car there to go somewhere else.

      Going up this hill. There was a woman saying stuff along the way that I didn't agree with. There was a woman who was a smoker. She was saying, you're not exploding now. I said, well, I don't smell it, so, good job. (I usually get angry when I am subjected to other peoples cigarette smoke and this comes up a lot in my dreams. )

      Something about a lady talking about a cult when I was around this part with the trees.

      I had some trouble getting back to sleep, but eventually, I did.

      Here is the next dream. I am watching something on television within the dream. Well, I am actually participating in something within the television but then later I find I am actually outside the T V watching it from my bed in my room. I realized it was a dream. I gained some control of myself within the T V screen world.

      Within the T V screen part, I was involved in a conflict with some people. I didn't want to continue the conflict so once I became lucid I sort of held myself back from continuing the conflict. There were 3 other people in the room. I don't remember it that well other than that.

      Okay so then after that, I saw that I was in my bed, not in the T V screen any more. Somehow I still knew it was a dream though. The change in scenery didn't make me think I had woken up into physical world. It took some effort to get my body up out of bed but it felt like really getting my body up out of bed almost. I got up towards the front right corner of my bed. My dream journal chair wasn't where it usually is. The blankets were still blue and my room was a really close replica of physical world. I put my hand easily through my room door. I don't think it was astral projection but it could have been some kind of a mix of an L D and an A P. I was scared to go out of my room or explore more.

      Then my vision went away. This scared me at first but I just told myself to just relax. I spun but it felt different than in other dreams when I had done it. Next thing I knew I was floating up into the air. I thought of the ceiling of my room and felt myself easily pass through it. Then I thought of the attic, and the roof of the house, and felt myself easily pass through those. My vision returned and I was in the night sky, flying on a giant flying house. I was holding on to a big brick chimney on the side of the flying house and I seemed to be able to drive the thing. I wasn't able to look at the sky for some reason, but I could see a long row of identical houses all lit up when I looked down and to my left. I tried not to make anything a problem. For example if I couldn't see, I just relaxed. If I couldn't look up, I just looked where I could.

      At first I was scared to be flying but it turned out to be fun.

      Eventually the flying house tilted and I could look up. I saw a bunch of big stars and a night sky. And I saw 3 full moons! . The flying house flew me closer to one moon and it zoomed in a lot. It looked more like a lattice arrangement of white bars from close up. The house was doing a great job of flying. I was aware that from my waking life I had some factors in play for good lucid, dreaming and I felt confident that the dream could last long. I asked the house to please fly me up into outer space. We started flying up into the atmosphere and I felt the house slow down. i got scared and thought I might be pushing it too hard. I was flying above a big dark body of water at this point and I didn't want to fall in. I was afraid it would either be cold, or scary. (As I think about it now, deep sea exploration was another one of my L D goals so that would have been fine with me!. )

      I asked the house if it would like to turn around and go take a break before we try again to go to space. I really thought that there would be enough dream duration and continuity for me to get back on the flying house and go to space after I landed and did some other things. I forgot about my shorter dream attention span and I forgot to use any stabilization methods so I didn't get a chance to fly back out. But here is what happened in the rest of the dream anyways. Also, I did think that even if I fell in the water, I could get out or just be fine in the water. But I guess I wanted my best chance to get to space.

      The flying house brought me back to the beach. I thanked the house and then sat down in the sand to play with the sand. I guess that was kind of a stabilization technique because I was engaging the dream. I decided to try to recall the dream so far so I'd remember it better. So within the dream I started to tell myself out loud about what had happened so far. It was pretty clear. Then I started to eat some of the sand. It got stuck in my mouth and I had to spit it out. I was in this jungle gym thing made of metal bars. I heard two women nearby talking about how someone had just smoked and they didn't like it. I knew they weren't talking about me. But I felt bad that they had to see me spitting out the sand like that, so I went to go apologize. It seemed to take a moment for them to hear me. They had two little kids with them. There were also two dogs, one brown, one black, both with spiky looking fur. I didn't see the dogs faces but I looked at the dog's back a while figuring out what it was. When I looked closer, their faces were covered in tan dirt or sand. They said something like, "Its okay, It didn't bother us," but I still wanted to apologize very apologetically. I also wanted to tell them about my dream so far which is something I like to do within the dream to help my recall.

      I think before the dream ended, I was in this room. And I was wishing that instead of thinking the house was tired, I could have said, come on, flying house, I believe in you! And my power of belief could have helped the house be able to fly to space easily. Like maybe I projected doubt onto the house instead of confidence.

      Then the dream sort of collapsed or faded away and I was back in my bed. my body felt very heavy and pretty much paralyzed. I thought through the dreams and then flicked on my voice recorder to record them once I was ready. I felt this would be a good warm up L D and hoped for another chance to L D in the next dreams.

      I got another L D in these dreams but I lost lucidity. It was cool while it lasted though. I guess I didn't reach very high levels of lucidity, but just like a low level lucidity.

      I had a dream where I was writing down a dream. I put a big piece of a chocolate cake in a bucket of water. My black earmuffs were there. Meg and Dad were there. There was something about how I had to choose the fonts to type a video. I brought the water with chocolate cake in it over to the kitchen. The red knife was there too.

      In the last dream there was a lot of stuff.

      The first thing I remembered was getting some kind of garlic pills or garlic powder. I was in the back seat of a car with my sister. We were talking. The back seats were tannish brown. I didn't fully remember this part.

      Earlier on in it, there was a part when my Mom was there and she found out I was into lucid, dreaming. So she was kind of getting on my case about what good is lucid, dreaming and why don't you just get a regular engineering job. Every time she asked me one of those hard questions, I would get up, go for a walk with my headphones on, and come back to her with an answer. But then she would ask another hard question. I think i was lucid during this portion but I don't really remember that much or how lucid I was. If I was lucid, I was thinking how it is cool that the dream is giving me this chance to deal with these challenging issues and that I should try to engage my dream mom. I almost didn't want to deal with it though.

      I was telling my mom about how I had something in a dream and she was like, you had what? But I was like, no, it was in a dream, not waking life. But she still made a big deal of it. Something about a couch.

      In another scene, there was a friend of my Nana's at the head of the table. She had something that looked like a cigarette in her mouth but it wasn't. I was like, is that a cigarette? Because it would undermine my Nana's cigarette quit. But she was like, no, and showed me what it was. It was a lollipop or a pen or something more abstract, I don't fully remember.

      I was at this ice skating park. I was giving a woman a piggy back ride in my ice skates or roller skates.

      I was going up to a basketball court and saw one kid who looked like A S and another smaller guy who looked like A S. I was like, look, it is both "A S's"! .

      I was in this room with one prominent lucid dreaming author and researched. I called him Dr. so and so as we stood in a big square formation of people and held hands. The whole room was holding hands, not just us. But the lucid dream teacher told me not to call him doctor, just call him by his first name. I thought that was pretty cool of him but insisted I call him doctor.

      Also, in that room, I saw S S D, a teacher from high school who taught spanish. I was happy to see him because he was a teacher who always inspired me a lot.

      In a next part I went into this under ground cavern thing that was like an under ground office. There were some kind of fraternity guys there getting ready to do some kind of computer thing where everything had to be really precise. Some kind of magic card thing or something. At one point I went down there to get something I had left there but they said I couldn't be there. I forgot it again and had to go back again to get it. It was weird climbing in and out of there. The last time I went down and got my dinner, I climbed back up. It was very late. It was raining really hard. I was surprised I hadn't eaten yet considering it was so late.

      Then I was walking down the main road in my town by the C S Deli. This guy with longer hair walked by, from the grocery store, and someone else was saying how he shouldn't leave his truck over where he left it accross the road. Next thing I knew, someone was getting in his truck and driving off with it. They slammed their own grocery bags in the door of the truck. The truck looked orange, yellow, pink or green. it was kind of like a big van type of thing. The guy seemed annoyed that they stole his truck. So we were going to try to get his truck back. White grocery bag in door of truck.

      I was helping the guy get his truck back. I was walking down the road he lived on and passed some really interesting colored houses. THere were two brick houses. On the second brick house to my left, I talked to a couple. They were a bit older. The man, sitting on the left, said something like, you don't want to go to that guy's house. Something about how the neighbors didn't like him. But I didn't let that stop me. i wanted to help the guy since I had witnessed the incident.

      I was at this hard ware store looking for the truck. There was a barrel of shovels that had some different monetary amounts and a time slot posted on each shovel. Like a few shovels said, 12 to 1 P M, 55 dollars an hour. 10 to 11 A M, 40 dollars and hour. I figured they were different prices for guys to work on someone's house depending what hour they got. The shovels were different colors. We were in a van or a go cart kind of thing and a guy who ran the hard ware store was helping us out.

      There was a heavy set guy who drove down to our van in a go cart thing and was talking to someone else in the car. He spoke very intelligently and I was astounded at the way he spoke to this guy who was having trouble. It was very skillful. When he was done, I exclaimed that he was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. However Someone else in the van was saying how he didn't need to use all this psychological psycho babble. I was saying how the guy didn't even sound like he was being that psychological to me. Just very attentive and he responded so well to the guy in distress. I forgot what exactly he said but i remember being amazed at his brilliance.

      Then a dream version of another well known lucid dreaming author was sitting accross from a younger guy. It seemed like some kind of talk show. Maybe they were just sitting and eating together. But the younger guy presented some out of the box ideas and the older L D teacher was shooting down his ideas in what I thought was a really mean way. This kind of upset me. I have listened to a lot of interviews with this particular L D teacher and he has always been really nice. He was also older in the dream. But it was definitely him. Sometimes I can't remember the persons appearance but I remember a felt sense within the dream that it was that person's prescence. The L D teacher was also sipping some alcoholic beverage and I don't think they use alcohol.

      Then they left the table and I was the only one there. Someone had left honey underneath one of the chairs. Like a pile of honey. Somehow it hardened up. One of the women on staff there looked pretty bummed about this frozen honey mess. I told her she just had to fill the entire room with water and it would dissolve the honey. I was a little pre lucid because I wondered if honey hardened up like that. But I figured thats what honey always did, I just never knew.

      Then I was in a room in a house, I guess my current house. I was reaching my hand underneath the heating vents by the floor to feel for dirt. I only felt carpet or towel there. Then I got afraid there would be a bug and pulled my hand away.

      In the next part there was a set of Pokemon cards. I got it for a low price or as a gift. Someone was telling me not to judge the cards because they were mainly commons and uncommons not really the coolest rares. But the idea was just to accept the cards as they were and try to appreciate even the common and uncommon cards. Usually I would totally ignore commons and uncommons and just go for the rare. A change of heart came over me within the dream and I was able to appreciate the cards as they were, even the simplest common card, as a work of art.

      In the back of the binder there were mesh pouches with a zipper with stacks of cards in each. I got excited when I saw these because it meant there were more cards for me to go through. There was one reverse hologram alakazam that looked cool to me.

      Then there were these kids. Only kids of a certain age so there was a limit to what they could be exposed to. On a red piece of construction paper someone had drawn some lines in white that looked like a rocket ship. SOmeone else was making an innuendo about what the rocket ship looked like. Referring to a certain countrys kind of rocket ship. I forgot what country.

      I thought through the dreams, slept a little more, then activated the voice recorder and got them down. My dream recall was really good for such eventful dreams and I woke up feeling really heavy in all my limbs which is a good thing I M O. It means deep sleep I think.

      I didn't go back to sleep after that.