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      by , 07-01-2018 at 11:56 AM
      I went to bed around 9, after a series of Pokemon Battles which I stopped around 8:14. There was an annoying noise, like someone was playing music in the distance.


      Round 1 of dreams.

      The first time I woke up, I remembered a lot, and thought through them a few times. The next time I woke up, I couldn't re-remember most of it. That was sad! It works most of the time.

      I remember one part when I was in Nana's living room. K S was there. We were talking about reading the meeting format for our group. She said, "You wouldn't want to do your will," and it really ticked me off. I said, "Yes, I want to do my will!" And went into this whole thing about how "I'm not going to keep saying I will do the will of some imaginary diety," with a lot of anger at K S and the other TWNMBD people there.

      There were some parts I wasn't sure if they belonged in round 1 or 2 of dreams so I will put them in round 2.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I remember a part where I was on a cell phone app. And on a page where someone was asking if certain functions of the app don't work on other peoples phones. It had a black and white interface.

      I remember going into a gas station or 7 11 kind of thing. There was an Indian man at the counter. I went in for a free slushy but didn't really want the slushy. I opened my wallet to donate a dollar anyway.

      There was this part with J T and blue solo cups. Something about how the solo cups needed to be cut into strips. Also I remember a frying pan being used. J T had cut the cup into jagged and dangerous strips. I knew they were supposed to be straight.

      The manager came along. He was like J from SWT. He didn't approve of the way the cups were cut. I realized he would assume I had been the one to cut them wrong. So I made sure to make it clear that J T had done it. I felt bad for this, but I would be blamed my default, and that wasn't fair!

      There was a part in a class room. I remember the teacher said that A R liked something about my writings or other work. So I talked to her about it. S S was there. I forgot all the details, but I remember telling everyone the importance of recovery from religion and the importance of resting and relaxing. Everyone seemed interested.

      I remember walking around and going into someone's house. It was someone like T M. She had a beard though. I forgot some details of this scene. But I remember she had boots on. In order to hide her height, she had bent her feet up into the leg part of the boot, not put them into the foot part. I could see them poking out. I wondered if that actually reduced her height, since her heels still touched the ground at the same place. Maybe she wanted me to get something for her.

      I remember being at the big food store and looking at some display with adjustable lighting. It may have been the produce section. I wanted to adjust the lighting down a bit. There was a reason but I forgot why.

      An electrical engineering woman, whose name I forgot, came out to tell me not to adjust the light. I said I needed it to be dimmer. I remember being on the phone with her, and going over her website. She was very busy with electrical engineering, but wanted me to review her website and then we could talk. I was embarrassed about the fact that I was an electrical engineering major in college, and yet, didn't know these things.

      At first, we were talking about the lighting, but I asked her about EMF's. She had a whole page about that, too. So I looked forward to our conversation. Her website was like the ones that sell the faraday cages.

      She also told me that she had a condition where she grew fur, like a mouse. It became part of the plot later in a minor way.

      I remember I had a friend in real-estate who gave me a property to sell. It was a big brick building with a huge glass window that looked out on a nice grassy field and other brick buildings. Someone was definitely going to buy it, and I would get the commission. I wondered why they would do something so nice for me. I remember looking at a cell phone, thinking about it, maybe sitting at a table by nana's pool.

      I remember sitting in a restaurant with some friends. We were doing some kind of I-spy thing. Part of it was to find two furry people. We found one and my friend was like, "They have rat fur!" Then the electrical engineer woman walked in. She had on a dress, showing that her back had lots of white-grey, curly hair.

      I didn't want her to be dragged into our game, since I knew her personally, and wanted her help with the electricity stuff. My friend said, "Look, she has rat fur/hair!" She said, "It's not rat hair, it's human hair."

      Then from a table behind me, someone said, "I hate smokers! When they spread their poisonous fumes out the window while driving, it's worse than a drive-by." I was so happy to hear someone say that. I said, "Yeah! I hate smokers, too!"

      Someone else was yelling at me. Apparently I had ignored them before. I yelled back at them in a yelling voice, but saying apologies, and that I wished we could be friends. They left and kept yelling at me as they left.

      I remember some Pokemon battles. I had to re-play each of them. In one, I was deciding whether to leave a certain Pokemon in play, based on whether or not it would one-hit K O the opponent. I decided to go for it. They sliced the opponent in half. But then it showed the opponent in one piece, laughing and walking off to the side. Showing that it was just a game and no one was really getting hurt.

      I remember another Pokemon battle scene where I had a Steel type Pokemon. At first, my steel move did like 50%, so I expected to K O next turn but it only did 25%. I didn't know why. That was the second time I had done the battle. I also noticed I had a move with 10 base power and 25 PP in the bottom right. I was like, 'Why would they include that??' The Pokemon I was using was like Golem. I wonder if I will notice differences between my Pokemon battles in dreams from the ones in waking life and get lucid. So far some of the differences have been, repeat battles, move damage seeming random, and silly moves.

      I remember the kid who had been yelling at me met up with me again as we were leaving. He said that my sister had gotten into a bus or train with their friends and left him behind. I remember seeing a mental image of the bus driver and a red stop sign. He tried to run after the bus/train but they wouldn't stop.

      I told him he could stay with my friends and I. He thought we were lame because we were an older crowd, and declined the offer. I thought to myself, 'We might be older, but we know each other well.'

      I thought I saw N M, a friend from school, but his arms weren't bodybuilder sized. So I figured it wasn't him. I got all excited to say hi but then kept talking to my other friend.

      I remember a part when I was driving my car to leave the city. We had been in the city for some kind of celebration, like new years eve. We thought it would be too early to leave, and traffic would be very congested. But still, I was tired, and wanted to go home.

      I got to one street and it was closed down, so they could run street sweeper trucks. I turned around and went the other way. While doing a U Turn, I thought about song lyrics which rhymed the words "love you" with "snorkle".

      I woke up and recalled those, then found I couldn't fully re-remember round 1. I remembered something with a part where I was gonna write, "[something] with another word after it" in quotes with the word something in brackets because I forgot that half. It was just OTTOTT though.

      I finished the outline by 6 A M and the entry by 6:50 A M. I guess it's nice to have the dream journal entry all done a little earlier, since yesterday's was over 4,000 words and took until 10 A M.