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      by , 06-29-2018 at 01:29 PM
      Tonight's sleep pattern was a little different. Instead of 5 rounds of dreams, I only had 3, and then it was morning already. I went to bed a little after 9, so that might be partly why. But my recall was good.

      I tried using a version of the mind palace method. But instead of using external objects, I just used my finger tips and the joints on my fingers. For example, I made the memory of the sea monster one fingertip because it was very memorable. Then I associated a memory linked to that with the next finger joint, and so on. I tapped on the finger joint as I thought about the memory to build the link.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I remember something with a Pokemon battle. I think I had a Pokemon with Psychic and Ice moves, but couldn't decide which to use.

      I remember being in my Nana's room, and/or at the Arboretum. Thinking of some homework assignments. I don't remember the particular assignments, but I remember the teacher.

      My idea in the dream was to create an excel file to hold all my homework assignments. This way they could be squeezed into a little excel block but look very organized. I was very excited about the idea.

      I remember floating on a raft around a lake. There was a bridge I would pass under, and a small water fall.

      There was something about aliens. They had come to Earth many years ago. Something about how they tried taking credit for the previous millions of years when really it wasn't them. I'm not sure how to describe it but there was one date mentioned from millions of years ago.

      I remember being at my Nana's. there were people with cell phones. They didn't have good reception, but they were happy anyway.

      I remember being in Nana's kitchen. I saw her go up the stairs with a cigarette. I was like, "Argh! Don't smoke inside! If you go outside, go far away, not even near an open window!" She seemed to be sorry. Smokers should be. I had a horrible run-in with an inconsiderate smoker on the way out of the store. They think they're having the time of their lives, getting stoned on nicotene, when really they are poisoning themselves and everyone else. I feel so angry at those damn smokers.

      I remember something about some EZ-up style frames being put up, with hoses traped over them. Uncle C or my dad was saying something like, "You wouldn't understand," which I think referred to the smoking. Oh, I understand, alright. I understand that those jerks should fuckin' stop. And I understand that their right to smoke ends where my right to breathe begins. Which basically means that all smokers belong in confinement camps.

      I remember the dream ended with me being at my nana's dinner table. My sister was to my left, and nana was to my right. I had my wallet and pulled out 6 dollars. A one dollar bill and a five dollar bill. I am not sure what I did with them.

      I woke up and recalled them. That was when I thought of that finger tip method, and using associations to ensure that I can re-remember the dreams later.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I was in a bedroom with a horse. I don't know if E was there. but I remember the horse could walk up on its hind legs. It also ran sprints accross the room, even though there were only 20 or 30 feet in one direction.

      I remember a black marble notebook with some writing in it. One page talked about how fire Pokemon should get more Energy Cards or something like that. Something about how they didn't make enough Fire Energy.

      I remember being at the little bridge at the back of the Arboretum. I was thinking about the difference between Humans and Saiyans.

      Then it shifted and I was in a church booth thing. I was hiding out as someone approached. It was A M. He was there to talk to someone about starting A C A meetings. When I appeared, he was glad to see me, and thought I had already got started on the meeting thing.

      He went to talk to the person. There was a huge puddle of water forming. I found a big basket of dirty linens and used them to soak up the water.

      I remember being in the room when the meeting was starting. Chairs were all around. I think R was there. I was trying to walk around. Some women were in a circle of chairs. Some how I got stuck in the circle and couldn't squeeze by the chairs. I made some funny faces and funny noises and they made way in the chairs to let me out.

      At some point, there was a totally different scene, but it seemed right in the middle of the meeting and food court scenes. So i will write it here. Someone like Goku was flying with someone like young Gohan through the air. They were carrying something big. The Goku guy was carrying it while the young Gohan character was just hanging from it by his arms.

      Then the young Gohan's arms started to stretch and he fell down to the water. Goku had to fly down and save him. There was a giant blue whale or sea monster thing.

      I remember feeling like i was the one flying after a while. I could land on a raft, but I knew the sea monster could bump the raft from underneath. I wanted to get to land, where we'd be safe from the sea monster. It had a blue back and face and a white under belly.

      I don't know how it transitioned to the next thing. But, next, I was in a cafeteria thing. There were food selections all around the room. Lots of stainless steel surfaces. I remember pouring myself some milk and then some bran flakes. I was going to put the milk first, then the bran flakes. I considered adding some sugar.

      A woman suggested I eat something else. I said maybe later. I wish I had got lucid! I noticed that they were putting out desserts, but not in a refrigerated space. So, if no one took the desserts within an hour or so, they'd have to throw them out.

      I said to R K, "Don't you think they should buy some fridges, and serve the desserts from there? The fridges would pay for themselves within..." And I estimated a time frame. He replied by questioning me, in a way that made me realize I didn't need to know what he thought about it.

      He had a big sundae in a glass sundae dish, and another food item. When I looked away, and looked back, I saw that he had already finished the three full scoops of ice cream in the dish and had added another 5! I wish I would get lucid in these food dreams! I would eat lots of dream food.

      I remember driving down the hill that leads into the Staples parking lot. I was hearing some song about "smoking the water" and was concerned about the smoking reference. I took a left, then a right. There were some road signs... I think the car vanished and I was just walking.

      Where I arrived was another facet of the cafeteria and meeting room place. This time it was another computer lab. There were only a few computers, and one person there.

      She was a blonde woman in a grey medium sleeve shirt. The shirt had red around the cuffs and red lettering.

      The woman sat back in a computer chair and told me that she wants to meet someone who needs her affirmations. I told her that I don't really need affirmations because I am already okay with self talk. It seemed like she wanted to coach someone in self talk.

      Then, J B came in through the door. I remember seeing his head through the glass window. She began to ask him about some things, and some other people they knew. I felt sad that she might lose interest in me.

      They were playing a guitar song. I think it was played in a way of criticizing someone else. Whoever they were criticizing came in. He happened to be the original artist of the song they were playing. He got his guitar and played, singing, something like, "Brad, dont go and blaze youself." I originally remembered the tune, but lost it. Dream memories of musical tunes have sometimes slipped my mind more easily than other dream details.

      Then there was something about work at the big food store where M R worked... There was something about a chimney pipe on top of the building. Someone in the room with us was saying how is was difficult to work there, not knowing who was the evil one and who was the good one.

      I woke up and recalled those. It was really satisfying to be able to go back, and back, and back. I guess my waking life recall is paying off again.

      I took my Alpha-GPC 300mg and Huperzine-A 100mcg before returning to bed.


      Round 3 of Dreams.

      I couldn't remember any dreams from round 3 for a while. So, I re-played Rounds 1 and 2 in my mind.

      Eventually, after my mind had wandered off, I remembered! I was in the high school locker room, changing for gym class. I saw my running shoes and didn't want to wear those. I wore my white vans and tan khaki pants. I wondered if those were going to help in gym class, but figured I would give it a try.

      That was all I got, from Round 3.

      However, something else interesting happened. I had a memory from last night's dreams return to me. I just remembered seeing some kind of pink tiles... Almost like Trick Room from Pokemon. Appearing in front of me. And I was like, 'This is a dream! I'm lucid!' I know it was from last night's dreams.

      I finished the outline around 6:36 A M, so I was up early. I am getting shoulder pain in my right and left shoulders when I lay on either side for a few hours, which is making it hard to fall asleep. I hope something will alleviate this, since I don't know how to sleep on my back.
    2. Feb 24 to 25 Dreemz with dream journal drawing video

      by , 02-25-2018 at 08:34 PM
      Here is my dream journal entry in drawing format:


      Feel free to just watch a minute if you don't want to watch it all

      Here are my dreams from February 24 to 25, 2018.

      First round of dreams.

      My memory of the dreams from the first time I got up starts with a scene with my mom. We were near some big ravine or hole in the ground. There was some kind of creepy entity or something. Couldn't remember it in any more detail though.

      There was a part where my sister and I were in the car with a baby. Then I was walking through my town near this brick part, and two people said hi to me, but I was in a bad mood and couldn't get myself to respond. Then I walked by a friend I knew and he had a big turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. He was saying how there weren't enough cold cuts. I told him he should buy the cold cuts in bulk. There were already a lot on there though. It was toasted and I think I had some. It was in tin foil.

      In the next part I remember I was in a hall way adjusting my pants. I was thinking of what I was going to tell L K about video game dynamics. I was thinking of explaining it using all "I" statements. Then I went to the room she was in waiting for me. But in the next room I had to adjust my pants again. While I adjusted my pants I was thinking about dealing with my jealousy. Then I went in there and there was another guy with L K. Telepathically from the dream intelligence I knew it was the guy's birthday. I wanted to seem cool so I invited the guy to stay with us, even though I wanted it to be just L K & myself. I thought this would ruin my chance with L K (A woman I was interested in).

      Then a part where I was walking through my neighborhood, thinking of an electrician job that I could get. Then as I turned a corner I got more excited about a potential government funded job that would pay very well.

      That was the last thing I remembered from those dreams. As usual, from first rounds of dreams, my recall took a hit from needing to get up to pee. For the rest of the night, I wake up every 30 to 90 minutes, but for the first 3 to 6 hours of the night I usually sleep all the way through. So when I wake up the first time, I have dreams I could remember, but I need to go pee. I try to stay in bed as long as I can but holding in that pee for too long sure does hurt. In recent nights however I have been able to have decent dream recall of my dreams from my first wake up where as in the past I would totally forget it all by the time I got back to bed.

      Also I have been dreaming of L K a lot but I never see her in waking life. So I think I want to check if I am dreaming when I see her and ask her why she is still in my dreams.

      Here were the dreams from the second time I recorded them.

      Something about writing a dream in the present tense, dream chaining, writing dreams.

      Then I was in this food store with my mom and sister. We met my aunt and uncle on the platform between two sets of stairs.

      A Cashier kid wanted to be my friend but I said he was too young to be my friend. That is kind of sad. We were talking near some shelves about metaphysics and life. and he said What % is metaphysical? I said 35% and he said 5%.

      Then I went into a Small movie theater with my mom and sister, and maybe other relatives who we met there. Pokemon information was showing on the screen. There was a Pokemon called X Y Veltal, a fusion between Xerneas and Yveltal from the X and Y games. It was chasing me. I was trying to open the start menu but the game kept running even while I had my start menu open. Then I was running on these board walks or wooden bridges. Eventually I hid in this bush. Then two women saw me and said, "Is that you?!" In an angry tone as if they had caught me.

      I may have forgot some stuff but then in the next part, I was in this restaurant job. A guy was sitting at a table with his feet up. He was kicking mopping fluid all over the place. He said he didn't care if it was bad for his skin. He just wanted the floor clean so he could make money. He had a you tube channel with 7 viewers called "Cathryn is a Beaver". I thought it sounded mean. It was all about being a waiter. Someone else talked about a woman named Sashy who had 100 viewers. She had a channel about horses.

      There might have been something after that part, but I forgot. I felt like I initially remembered something but then it was gone by the time I tried to think back to that part. After remembering more earlier parts.

      Third round of dreams.

      I had this one dream where i was in this water at night time. I was wearing a white shirt with a silver wire running down it. The wire was used to reveal my location. I was sort of helping the police catch this sea monster thing who was going to blow up the water. It was more of a humanoid sea monster thing. The dream showed a cut scene of the police trying to swim towards the location with lights on. I didn't remember it that well because as I was thinking about it, I fell back asleep at first. Luckily I managed to recover some parts. It is an interesting feeling when I could guess 100 guesses and none of them are it. But when the dream detail comes to mind, I know that was exactly it.

      Another part of that dream involved being under a grey bridge. And then there was a hole in the bridge for trucks to dump their bathroom through. Then it landed in a pipe. But someone was in the pipe. Maybe that was how they got the sea monster.

      When I fell back asleep, I dreamed of my Dad driving me to the local intermediate school. but in the dream, I thought it was L V or G C. I didn't want to tell my Dad how I didn't want to go to a church.

      When i got to this place it was some kind of event. There was a bin of markers on a chair. I thought that people had stolen my sister's markers. I was asking my sister if her markers had been stolen while trying not to let other people there overhear me. I was also buying her new markers.

      In another part, a woman was making me eggs. The dream repeated twice. The second time it was only 2 P M and I wasn't ready for the eggs yet. Then I suddenly remembered that I fell asleep without recording the previous dream and woke up L O L. Does that count as a lucid dream? .

      Round 4 of dreams.

      There was a part with a Pokeball opening up and a person coming out. Like how they have the lazers that come out of the Poke balls.

      Then i was battling Reshiram and Zekrom in the clouds. I couldn't catch them so i had to blow them away. I remember one after the other appearing on the cloud and I had to blow them away into a red sky. maybe I had Tornadus.

      Something about Ditto healing its own H P. And a Muk who would use Toxic on the opponent. Then it had a made up move called Holo Haul which caused it to recover H P based on how much damage was dealt by toxic. the Muk glowed when it used Holo Haul.

      In the next dream my Dad was raking some leaves. He raked a straight line of leaves. I was supposed to rake too, but didn't want to. I had a broom. I was sweeping the leaves by the road at our old house. I had swept some away when my Dad said to stop because there were worms in the ground. And something about the birds eating them.

      Then this part where I had a lucid moment. I was seeing myself or a character running from a side scroller video game point of view. Then 3 really obvious dream signs appeared. or thats how it felt to me while I was dreaming. I was like, that is so obvious it is a dream. The third one was a big bear in the window. I stared at the bear a while and then woke up. I couldn't really think of what to do and it didn't feel like I had a body to use.

      Fif round of dreams, yo.

      I was driving to and from a local food store in the dark. I vaguely remember being by the door.

      Then I was in the kitchen of our old house. I was on the phone with someone who asked where I had been. I told them I had been meditating a lot the last few days, no bad news or anything. There was a bunch of stuff in a pile blocking the fridge. I didn't want my Dad to have to move it so I decided I would move it out of the way.

      There was this part where it showed some guy who sucked peoples hearts out with a machine and ate them. Then the person was building a free educational center. It seemed benevolent but I knew he was kind of masking his dark side. There were some nurse ladies with a cleaning cart. I went into the educational place I think.

      I was Reading a book then closing it and imagining the rest. I was Thinking in terms of some kind of humility religion. Then I realized I wasn't really predicting the ending of the book. And I was thinking, What is happening to my brain? I felt like I was being brain washed.

      There was a part that showed Perfect Cell from D B Z. His face opened up into a rectangle of white light for a power blast kind of thing. I remember the bright white light.

      Then there was a guy with an afro. The dream scene was orange and pink. The guy was shooting tiny dots of white light very rapidly from his finger tips. He was a bad guy though. I was thinking how he can't be in "bipolar color" because he is not the highest higher power. Only the highest higher power could be in "bipolar color." I was this little Kartana thing and fighting him. But I only remember it vaguely. Very vivid though.

      Then I was Walking through a hallway to a movie theater or my nana's room. There were Light switches each at the top of each set of stairs. I heard Music notes when stepping on these green parts of the floor. There were multiple sets of stairs as I walked along the hallway.

      Then I was in my Nana's bed by myself, where I guess I had dreamed that i was sleeping. The land line rang and woke me up. The land line has woke me up in other dreams too. That's a good dream sign because I always turn the ringer off at night. I saw the name on it but forgot the name. Then I was on my Nana's couch sleeping more. My Aunt came in and tried to plug in a lamp behind me. She told me I should go play volleyball outside. I told her I am just enjoying my sleep because I had lots of insomnia this past week. In the dream, without being aware I was dreaming, I thought back to my waking life and how I implemented a home remedy for restless legs that has been helping me. (Look up bar soap in bed for restless legs). I was afraid my uncle would come give me a hard time for sleeping in.

      then I was filling out a form for a workout buddy thing. I put my actual land line number which was interesting. Then it had two slots for social media or blog pages. I considered putting my dream views dream journal.

      ...And that was all! I listened to my voice notes from the dreams a bunch of times and did a dream drawing session in the link above. I was a lot more focused today because listening to my dreams helped.