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    1. 2-17 to 2-18, final dream phone in water nightmare

      by , 02-18-2018 at 11:14 PM
      Here are dreams from 2018-02-17 to 2018-02-18.

      First dream. There is a teacher trying to get me to do something which I don't want to do. I don't comply. I am standing in the hallway near my high school gym locker room. Another kid there gets a sandwich from my Dad. I take the sandwich from the kid, saying, "He can't have this food! It belongs to my family!" And I walk out. We are headed to the bus. My Dad is getting on the bus, too. An older woman in the front seat of the bus calls me faulty. I am angry at her and I spit on her. There is this military guy who has come to keep an eye on me because I am "unruly". I sit in a school bus seat on the outside. My friends J R and S H are in the middle and window parts of the seat. I am telling them how it is better I sit with them than sit alone and have some military person sit with me who is on my case. A military guy is sitting behind us. He starts trying to trick me into admitting to things I didn't do. I catch his game and start saying how I would never do such things. He is falsely accusing me. I am talking to J R and S H about how when I use caffeine, my sentences go up on the page. I am writing words in an exponential function shaped line. Then I write a lower case a and there are many words or sentences all branching off of it. I think this is where I woke up from. Earlier in the dream, I remembered there being something to do with Pokemon, vaguely.

      There were a few hours when I couldn't sleep. I didn't put on any lights, not even my phone screen or look at a clock. I eventually fell back to sleep and had some dreams. They aren't in perfect order but I will do the best I can.

      There were some dreams of some kids on this island thing I forgot most of.

      There was one scene where there was this tan couple saying things to each other. The woman was saying her husband is away. Then the "dream screen" showed this guy in a river in a boat. He had some red sort of armor on and an inverted triangle shaped red helmet thing. Then some more guys like that appeared in boats. Then the couple was spooning.

      In another part I was in a room of where I lived in college. There were dogs and cats in the room with me. I started to notice all of these greenish slugs crawling around. Then the pets were freaking out and I got the sense it was from the slugs. I looked at the ground and saw all these slug spots on the ground. I opened the door and all the pets ran out as fast as they could. I slowly followed them down to room 15. K W and his girlfriend were there. The pets seemed happy with them and they seemed happy to see the pets. They looked directly at me when I walked in with big smiles.

      In another scene I was in my room. The context was that I had this expensive almond oil in these bottle things. There was a guy who was my assistant. He was putting oil on house hold objects and clothing, which in the context of the dream was his job. But I told him he was using too much oil, and that he should re use the oil or use it more sparingly. He gave me a funny look.

      In another scene I had a lot of pink bubble gum in my mouth. I was trying to hide it from people or something. I blew a huge bubble and it floated me into my Nana's laundry room.

      In another scene I was at the local arboretum. There were 6 guys ahead of me wearing dark clothes and walking slow. I wanted to walk faster so I went around them. In a place where there is normally a lot of trees, there were no trees at all, so I was able to cut from trail to trail. I ran accross it. I wondered why there were no trees there but came up with some explanation and didn't see it was a dream. I was writing on my phone after that in my Fii Write app. I was using white font but as I scrolled through I had this cursive blue writing at the bottom.

      In another part there was a woman giving me a pass word to something online. Her name was Clare or Claudia or something like that. She gave me a pass word to write down but I didn't get it right. Then she copy pasted a new pass word into my computer that was more complex or randomized letters and numbers. I was wondering why she was giving up her pass word, or if she just gave everyone her pass word.

      There was a part where I was driving by my local elementary school. I saw a baby out the window and the baby gave me this look that seemed like the baby wanted me to go over there. So I did. Then I was watching two young kids, myself as a child and my sister as a child, playing games. They were doing some tug of war thing. I remember thinking that the children were happy to be able to just be able to play and eat snacks. Then there was something with a bath kind of with the same dream scene in a way. I was peeing on the drain of the shower floor. There was some bubble bath. I remember the bath turning blue and orange. The whole time I heard my aunt saying how she wanted to cook meat balls, and offering me meat balls. I got out of the bath and saw my hair covering my whole face. It looked funny to me. Then I was brushing my hair with a wide tooth comb and thinking if I wanted my aunt's pasta with meatballs. I was thinking about what kind of processed foods might be in the meatballs and decided not to have any.

      In another part of the dream I was in my bed but my dream bed. there was this hanging shelf hanging off my wall with stuff on it. Something about it not being mine or being about to fall. I was looking at my computer monitor. It kept lighting up as these windows on the bottom task bar would emit a diamond shaped thing. Orange colored. I wanted to turn it off but it wouldn't go off. I could get the diamond shapes to stop. Heard people talking.

      In the last dream scene, I am at the local arboretum again. It is a sunny day. I am walking along toward what they call turtle island. I am walking over a small isthmus type thing, but I don't know the word that is for an isthmus in fresh water scenarios. Land bridge? Anyway, in waking life, it is a narrow strip of land accross a pond to get to the other side. But in the dream it was a wooden bridge. The arboretum has wooden slat bridges across other parts of the pond or streams. In the back of the arboretum, there are old wooden bridges with one slat missing here and there. Well, in the dream, a wooden bridge was where the land bridge is, and it had a slat missing. So I was walking through there with my phone and then I dropped my phone. It slid in slow motion accross the whole bridge and into the stream through the slat. The stream there is very shallow. I dove after it and got to my knees, reaching my hand down into the mud. I could feel my phone in my hand and then the mud and the water. I thought it was hopeless anyway but I was going to do my best to rescue it. I really started to panic. I thought it was waking life. I started to be like, "This has to be a dream. Please let this be a dream." It was like my worst night mare and I was so sure it was waking life. I just thought saying it must be a dream was like a coping mechanism for my phone breaking. All the thoughts about all the stuff I would lose and how I couldn't afford a new phone right now crossed through my mind. Then I was so surprised when I slowly woke up in my physical bed. That was the first dream where I have ever deliberately woken myself up without even knowing it was a dream. I woke up like, wow, I wish I had just done a finger palm test first.

      So there are all my dream memories from last night.

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