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    1. Monday, May 29

      by , 08-19-2023 at 08:57 PM
      Iím at an airport, trying to find a certain terminal. I think Iím trying to get to Melissa and/or sheís somewhere else here at the airport. It feels like the airport at home, but slightly different. It has the long and low layout. Iím in one building now and have to get to the other across the way and they look separated with tarmac and/or railroad track. I get to the end of this building and donít understand how Iím supposed to get over there. There is a shuttle running, but it seems to be going in the wrong direction. Everyone else here seems calm and like they know what theyíre doing.
      Tags: airport
    2. Monday, November 8

      by , 05-04-2022 at 11:26 PM
      Iím with Melissa and by what seems like a warehouse building. The following seems more like a movie, but also like Iím experiencing it? The dim, empty warehouse space has a cluster of what looks like large cocoons on the ceiling in the far corner. They are black and close together. There is a creepy woman here what crawls or somehow gets to the ceiling and slowly metamorphoses into one of the cocoons. Her face remains most recognizable the longest, and the scene zooms into it and her creepy grin. Now, I think Brittney is here too and itís like a small amount of time has passed. The warehouse is now a small airport or a single terminal that we have to use. Melissa does not want to go, as we have to pass right under the Ďcocoon peopleí. It is fairly creepy, but I try to persuade her to just get it over with. We end up stalling in a gift shop here.
    3. Monday, July 29

      by , 08-03-2019 at 07:43 PM
      I am in some room, maybe a kitchen, in a house or building that seems to be by a beach, probably on the ocean. The place is dim and seems to be empty, except for Dad, who is here celebrating his birthday. There is no one here, so I assume it is just too early for them to be showing up. He shows me a little machine on the counter top that has a few tap handles. There is what looks like a thin, green hose. On it is a circular piece with an indentation (like one for a screwdriver), which corresponds to a piece on the machine. Once inserted, it can be turned and creates a sound like it is adding carbonation or something similar. It also allows the beer to come out. I look at the options and choose a witbier. I pour it into my Artown cup at a 45 degree angle. It seems to pour quickly, but doesnít produce much head. I take a sip and it is pretty tasty. I look at the other options, two being home brew?, one IPA, and a Revision IPA with a pretty cool graphic (space?). I think the others are more eclectic, constituting a pretty decent selection for so few handles. I think I am going to go sit outside.

      I am seeing a video of Dad at some circular bar counter that looks to be encircling a pool. The whole thing is not very big, but it looks pretty cool. I think weíre supposed to be on a family trip and heís already there without us. I then see a filter or location on the video that says heís only at an airport (in Vegas?). Now I am where I think we are going, I think with Makayla. The place is a fairly large and high ceilinged room with a large, rectangle pool in the center. Along the walls around it are what look like doors to hotel rooms. We start looking for one thatís open. You canít really tell whatís locked or not by looking at it, and I feel weird trying all the door knobs. It seems like most are locked. I get towards the end of the row and hear movement behind one of the doors. The very last door then opens, and coming out of it is a boy probably in his late teens, with long and center parted dirty blond hair, wearing only what looks like boxers or small swim trunks. I assume he is about to swim. I consider asking him to see the inside of the room, but think itíd be a little too intrusive.

      I am with Sage and her old friend Sierra Fiester in some large room with a bouldering wall. The bouldering wall is not too long, but it is pretty tall and slightly overhanging. I am attempting a problem and its big move. There is a thin crash pad on the ground that I have them move, since it is not where Iíd need it if I were to fall. I ready myself for the big move out right, but never commit, afraid to fall. I end up just using different holds to climb to the top, a little disappointed in myself. I still try to make it harder, with big moves and small holds, including small crimps. I use a large half-moon shaped hold (the one from Rocksport and Basecamp), I think getting a hand or two and a heel on it at one point. I am making loud vocalizations of effort at each move.