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    1. Sunday, June 5

      by , 06-16-2022 at 09:31 PM
      Iím in a large house on the ocean shore. It is Dadís birthday, but Makayla and I jokingly run away from him when he shows up. He takes it personally and the look on his face says so. Iím going to try to find him a book here to make up for it. This room looks like a large foyer, books lining the top of every wall on a high shelf. They all look like Franklin Library or similar. Some are more ornate than Iíve ever seen. There are a couple of thick Dostoevskys, the binding looking like his portrait in stained glass. I think about getting these for myself. I know that Dad wants [a certain title] that has to do with maritime, so I search for it. I do find the title, but itís combined in one volume with The Red and the Black by Stendhal. I open it to find itís in a weird font that is pre highlighted, I think each character in a different color. I donít like it. I find one more pre highlighted and spiral bound. Again, I donít like it. Al shows up now and offers to help. Looking to the shelves, I tell her Iíve looked through every single title. She hands me a book on the old west as a recommendation. I flip through it and see some familiar figures in the illustrations/photographs, such as Judy Garland as Dorothy. Appreciative, I tell her I will take this one. Now, through a window or open door I see Dad walking along the beach with a beer bottle in hand and talking to himself. It is dark out. Heís sad about us abandoning him and, staggering and slurring, says he is going to see [someone]. I feel really bad about this. Now, Julia is here and it feels late at night. She says something and I say ďthese shrooms are starting to feel goodĒ (I mustíve taken them a bit ago). I go into a room here, hers?, that has a nicely made bed with a fuzzy gray color theme. The rest of the room has the same aesthetic.

      *Melissa asked last night what Iím getting Dad for Fatherís Day and I told her I didnít know. She then brought up Carlosí birthday. I commented on the Franklin Library copy of Ulysses Iím reading and grabbed a Franklin Library copy of Crime and Punishment at work. The things in brackets are specific details present in the dream that Iíve since forgotten.
    2. Saturday, December 11

      by , 05-04-2022 at 11:42 PM
      For my birthday? Mom has arranged for me to climb Half Dome. I know itís been a long time since Iíve climbed, but I think Iím excited. I am looking at the wall now (Iím not sure itís actually Half Dome) and itís incredibly tall and somewhat slabby. Thereís something about some bolts at the top and me considering top roping it but not being sure if the rope is long enough.

      I am in some building with Luke and Danielle from work. I think itís an apartment building that both or one of them lives in. Walking through it, it is vast, but none of the space seems like living space so far. There is a succession of common rooms that have art on the walls and some others viewing it. Now I am walking through a hallway that seems upstairs and like it has the living spaces. I complete a lap around the place, back at the main room. Thereís a fair amount of people here; I think thereís some event happening.