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    1. Thursday, May 19

      by , 06-01-2022 at 10:11 PM
      Iím at some club (I donít ever see its name, but I think itís One Up). Iím with some others, but Iím not sure who. At the entrance I give the bouncer my ID, though it seems like he wasnít going to ask for it. We are the only ones in here. The space is small and each wall is an overwhelming LCD display of moving neon, psychedelic patterns. There is talk of going to get high and I think Iíll join, imagining how the walls will look. Outside now, it looks like a bland strip mall and I see someone familiar. He is moving some doors. I go over to help him, screwing two doors together and screwing the bottom of the door? After I finish, I realize Iíve done it backwards, so I tell him Iíll have to start over. It seems like he is waiting on me.
      Tags: club, door