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    1. Thursday, April 28

      by , 05-19-2022 at 12:19 AM
      Iím walking outside somewhere with Stella. The area seems unfamiliar. It still looks like Nevada though, with the rolling hills and lack of trees. We ascend a hill that I notice is now a dusty orange slate. It is steep enough to make me question my footing, especially since there are little pebbles all around. Stella runs circles around me in her excitement; I switch the leash between my hands to accommodate it. Iím now at the very top and the whole surrounding area comes into view. It is very pretty-thereís an ethereal-ness to it, so I take some pictures. I think this is the furthest Iíve gone this way and it didnít take too long.

      Iím in what feels like an underground building. It all seems to be under construction, in an early phase. Itís dim and sparse and it feels like I should not be here. There are several construction workers and Iím trying to not be seen by them. There seems to be a few levels and many rooms. I go into a couple and at times see some creepy scenes. One room in particular has an arrangement of stuffed animals that doesnít sit right with me. I get creeped out and leave the room. I think I am supposed to be doing something here (but Iím not sure what). Now I am with mom and sorting a black trash bag of things to either keep or throw away. I set aside the reusable things (pens, etc) to keep and want to throw away the rest, like papers and projects.

      Iím outside somewhere unfamiliar and trying to take a nap where Iím lying on some weird edge. It seems like the edge of a truck bed or something? I then end up in a tent. I have an iPad or tablet and put on the Pandora station Ďguitar for sleepí or something similar. I tried a similar station first but it wasnít very conducive for me trying to sleep. I now close my eyes and itís still very bright, though I think I fall asleep for a while. I emerge with the post-nap grogginess and go to be around everyone else (not sure who).

      (fragment) I am somehow holding onto the back end of a bus, what seems like a tour bus. Someone else is doing the same on the right side of the bus. The bus takes off, driving a little too fast for my uncertain grip. Iím not sure why Iím doing this.
    2. Monday, November 8

      by , 05-04-2022 at 11:26 PM
      Iím with Melissa and by what seems like a warehouse building. The following seems more like a movie, but also like Iím experiencing it? The dim, empty warehouse space has a cluster of what looks like large cocoons on the ceiling in the far corner. They are black and close together. There is a creepy woman here what crawls or somehow gets to the ceiling and slowly metamorphoses into one of the cocoons. Her face remains most recognizable the longest, and the scene zooms into it and her creepy grin. Now, I think Brittney is here too and itís like a small amount of time has passed. The warehouse is now a small airport or a single terminal that we have to use. Melissa does not want to go, as we have to pass right under the Ďcocoon peopleí. It is fairly creepy, but I try to persuade her to just get it over with. We end up stalling in a gift shop here.