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    1. Saturday, August 14

      by , 08-18-2021 at 05:49 AM
      I am outside, by what looks like Mt. Rose with Sageís parents. There is something about Dad, like him getting into an accident or going missing while skiing. It seems like they know something theyíre not telling me. Their faces are very somber and Iím convinced theyíre about to tell me heís died. Just then, I see him walking towards us, in ski gear, down the slope. He seems nonchalant but thereís also a slight smile on his face. I feel myself begin to cry. (Though weíre at the ski resort, there is no snow on the ground - it looks like summertime).
      Tags: dad, death
    2. Wednesday, June 9

      by , 08-12-2021 at 05:29 AM
      I have killed Ryan. Iím not sure whatís happened up until this point, but we are in some house and I am on top of his prostrate body. I have a belt around his neck and tighten it as hard as I possibly can. With my other hand I fend off his initially struggling arms. Thereís a brief moment of resistance that I almost think I wonít overcome, until I squeeze so hard that I hear something sickeningly break. After that moment he is limp and no more. At the same time either he or I am vomiting, watery orange and voluminous. There is now relief and dread that it is over. I think I put the body in some place or another. Iím now outside Momís house with Makayla. I tell her I need to tell her something and say ďI killed Ryan.Ē Her eyes widen and there is no disbelief, just fear and, I think, panic. She asks what Iíve done with the body, and we start walking to visitor parking. There is a garbage can that I must have put it in. She mentions my fingerprints being on it. Mentally I concede, knowing itís only a matter of time before Iím found out. Now I am walking back to the house with Mom. She seems generally happy and I worry about her reaction, both at losing him and at what Iíve done.

      *Despite my feelings towards Ryan, this was a disturbing dream to relate.
      Tags: death, killing
    3. Friday, December 20

      by , 12-23-2019 at 07:36 PM
      Melissaís mom has died. I think she went into the hospital for something simple and then did not make it out. Right now, I am seeing Melissa, Alex, and their dad walking along a snow covered hill. It just doesnít look or feel right, and it is hard to fathom that this is how itís going to look now. Now, I am in their house. Carlos is on the couch; he turns his head and I think that he looks pretty rough.
      Tags: dead, death, dying, snow
    4. Tuesday, March 12

      by , 03-19-2019 at 06:39 AM
      I am somewhere and by Brad Zugle (with short hair). He is saying something about my online application to BaseCamp. I do recall an image of what looks like a Facebook posting. It says something about ĎRyaní (it being hyperlinked), but there was no last name, so I wasnít certain if it was about/for me. It also seems like it was a while ago. I just ask him the best way to submit it. Now I am in the climbing gym?, though it looks more like a small living room and/or Rocksportís foyer. Brian Sweeney is here, and I talk to him about it. He just seems aloof. The team is here too. Iím doing some pull ups on the hangboard, then I have someone help me with leg throws. I end up doing more than I thought I would, pushing past the burn and really trying my hardest. I want to get back into it and back into shape starting today. I think that Iíd be in the climbing gym until about 7 and then have some free time after that. I am now with the team at a park. It seems dim out. I am supposed to be watching over them. Right now, they are running around. Someone has some remote controlled object that flies around. It looks like a cup? but comes apart into many little, connected pieces and then imperceptibly back together. One of them has climbed up pretty high on a fence. Iím thinking about how I should have them come down or it could make me look bad.

      I am with Sage and Guy. Weíre on our phones, and thereís something about not hearing from Skye and/or her not posting anything. I am fairly certain she has died, though I donít really want to say it. I feel a very real pang of sadness.