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    1. Friday, June 10

      by , 06-16-2022 at 09:33 PM
      Iím with either Julia or Jessica or both in some unfamiliar room. It seems more like a motel than a house. Someone (the maintenance guy that lives in the building next to us) starts coming over and I know heís going to get in, in a threatening way. I go around to lock all the doors (the locks look like that on the side door at work). Heís here now and saying something threatening as he tries to force open the locked handle. I watch it bend from the force. Heís inside this room now, facing Jessica and Julia, me facing his back. I watch as he shoots at something (not them) with a tiny black pistol. I think I now run to get a gun, shooting him when I return. He lies face down and I kneel on top to restrain his arms, as heís still struggling. I call out for them to get a gun (I guess Iím not aware that I just had one) so I can finish it. It takes a while, but I think they finally do. I think I shoot him in the head, looking down at the resulting carnage. His body is moved now and I see indentations in the carpet and the spherical silver bullets about the circumference of a quarter within.

      *I canít recall many emotions during the last part of this dream. It seems that what I was doing did not feel wrong, though itís obviously disturbing to write down now.
    2. Wednesday, June 9

      by , 08-12-2021 at 05:29 AM
      I have killed Ryan. Iím not sure whatís happened up until this point, but we are in some house and I am on top of his prostrate body. I have a belt around his neck and tighten it as hard as I possibly can. With my other hand I fend off his initially struggling arms. Thereís a brief moment of resistance that I almost think I wonít overcome, until I squeeze so hard that I hear something sickeningly break. After that moment he is limp and no more. At the same time either he or I am vomiting, watery orange and voluminous. There is now relief and dread that it is over. I think I put the body in some place or another. Iím now outside Momís house with Makayla. I tell her I need to tell her something and say ďI killed Ryan.Ē Her eyes widen and there is no disbelief, just fear and, I think, panic. She asks what Iíve done with the body, and we start walking to visitor parking. There is a garbage can that I must have put it in. She mentions my fingerprints being on it. Mentally I concede, knowing itís only a matter of time before Iím found out. Now I am walking back to the house with Mom. She seems generally happy and I worry about her reaction, both at losing him and at what Iíve done.

      *Despite my feelings towards Ryan, this was a disturbing dream to relate.
      Tags: death, killing