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    1. Sunday, July 7

      by , 07-07-2019 at 05:11 PM
      I am walking through what seems like a shopping mall. The place is seemingly endless, ornate, intricate, and labyrinthine. Each shop is open to the main walkway and exquisitely decorated; I see very little wall space anywhere. They all seem amazing and alluring and like I could get lost in each. Just as well, the building itself has alcoves, inclines, probably stairs, and myriad options of pathways. I will take a route that piques my interest, getting drawn in and lost along the way, though I try to remember the way I came so I can go back and see what else I wanted to. I feel I will never see it all.
    2. Monday, May 20

      by , 06-21-2019 at 08:28 PM
      I am in what feels like but doesnít exactly look like JCPenney. It seems dim and sort of atmospherically cold. There is a row of appliances, and I am looking for a credit card. Iíve started looking under the fridge, and it is dusty and dirty under here. I find quite a few JCP name tags and a couple pens. I set these aside. I think I see what looks like a red and under a metal piece close to the ground. I now tip the fridge over with someone - Scott? The bottom of it looks free of any foreign objects. There are two ovens, and we turn one on its side, finding nothing under it. Someone else is now about to flip over the other oven, but I know they shouldnít because it is full of framed pictures (one is a picture of clouds, probably at sunset, and the others are of people). Itís too late now, as I hear it crash down and all the glass inside shatter. Those moving it seem shocked for a second. They open the door and survey the damage. Iím thinking theyíll sweep it out. I also wonder what would happen to a shard of glass left behind if the oven were to heat up. Now, I am done with this and Iím what seems like a different part of this building, I think with Scott and Laynie. It seems labyrinthine and warehouse/industrial. There are lower cement walls that make up rooms or at least little sectioned off portions. It seems like we are lower or downhill from the door we came in. To the right of the door is a sectioned off area that almost looks like a very small ride or some kind of equipment. It is on and running and moving around, but it seems like no one is on it. I then spot a girl on one part of it.
      Tags: labyrinthine