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    1. Wednesday, June 29

      by , 07-06-2022 at 10:45 PM
      I am in, what is in my mind at least, Scotland. Iím looking up at gentle green hills as I float down a narrow, stone ravine. The water seems shallow and slow moving. The sun peeks out from behind a hill and causes a glare which I shade with my hand. The scene seems tranquil and special. There is something about me thinking about what if it was a dream. Now Iím somewhere different but related with a middle aged foreign seeming lady that Iíve just met. I end up asking her where sheís from. She replies with ĎVinaí, which I think is in Scotland. I ask if itís southern and she says no, that itís more North than the North Pole. The conversation then easily moves to me staying there with her. I want to, and think I start making travel plans.
      Tags: scotland, water