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    1. Saturday, April 18

      by , 04-22-2020 at 09:14 PM
      I think I am dating someone new and going to her house for the first time. (Iím not sure to what extent I am cognizant of my relationship or dating history in the dream - I think it is close to none). This girl looks similar to Yazmin. She leads me into the house, a fairly middle class one. I meet a succession of her relatives, from parents to grandparents I think. I notice that their English is correct but not very confident, more so down the line. The grandparents are the most Hispanic looking as well; I think they say nothing and only smile. I consider trying Spanish, but do not. This girl now takes me to her room. The room is dim and more like the size of a living room. There are at least three small mattresses or maybe just layers of blankets (for her siblings, Iím sure) in a row, barely a foot apart. She takes me to the last in the line, presumably hers. I donít say anything, but Iím thinking that this is far from ideal.