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    Last edited 10/02/2021

    These days I tend to write mostly on my phone's DJ initially but I tend to go through periods where I alternate where I'm DJing.

    I am writing the dreams almost as I would if I were writing only to myself. The only exception is that in this DJ I only name people by their initials at most or a nickname's initial, unless it's relevant to the dream context, since I still like the dreams to be understood/readable by anyone; even if you don't know who my friends are or people I know by name, I still want you to understand the immediate contexts as much as possible.

    Comments on the DJ are welcome. See my dream signs in the general notes under my profile avatar on the sidebar. Note, I don't update the dream signs section very much anymore. Over the last two or three years I've come to realise that some symbols are quite constant but many change too much or are just variations off a theme, so it has stopped making quite as much sense to keep a long-term list of what the signs are.

    Click to see all DJ entries with images that I made for them

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    I don't often make images for dreams because I've usually forgotten most of the details I wanted to depict.

    1. cccxci. The twin fruit garden, Sapphire ore fortress

      by , 06-24-2022 at 04:04 PM
      2022 June 2nd


      I'm at some kind of garden/arena place. A quite big round building, at any rate. There's a feel of old home to it. Some walls are white?, with I think a blue trim running along some of the edges. The exterior perimeter is decorated with aquatic and palm motifs in small tile mosaics. Vivid colours. It's sunny.

      I walk around until I get to an entrance to the central area that goes up and in. As I walk around, there are grape-like husks that I'm stepping on, they're a dead blue, but nice somehow. It took me a while to realise they're the fruits of some of these plants. Some kind of leafy canes, which arc with the weight of their fruits. The other side has small banana things instead, but both plants are the same with different fruits. On the upper area inside, I remark to H who's nearby, that it looks like one half of the garden is one fruit and the other half is the other fruit, and there seems to be a clear divide.

      I feel that this could be related to sunlight and shade. The grapes on the plant are actually white grapes (green), unlike the blue-ish husks on the floor. I remember picking and holding one. I think I ask H if he's tried one of the banana fruits. I'm not sure if he should eat it.

      2022 June 6th


      (Last bit at the end of a longer dream. Didn't write recall early enough.)

      I'm with H and he's kind of doing his own thing, and I'm descending a vertical mineshaft he's made, digging my way downward through its sides. It's a mix of Minecraft and BL. At the bottom I find myself in a dark but vast cavern. I can still see fine. I see sapphires close to me and I tell H to look at how many there are, an almost 5x5 area on a wall. Then, I find a waypoint like those from Diablo II. I think to myself about how rare this area is to find naturally generated.

      The cavern has a mostly flat ceiling and I can't quite see the bottom, but pillars at irregular intervals make a kind of vaulted cavern ceiling. (Similar to some BL cave generation)

      In the distance, I see more sapphires around and eventually after walking along a sort of suspended highway, avoiding some annoying mobs along the way, I find an underground stone fortress which is mstly made of stone brick and which has patterned features with encrusted sapphire ores.

      2022 June 8th


      I'm in a village or town. Like rural areas around old home. I'm passing in front of a building where lots of people gathered. They're all queueing or waiting.

      Some other bit, with mom and H. Something about driving. A crossing? A woman in a dress?


      - There was something yin/yang about the first dream's location but it also reminds me of places and experiences from my childhood.

      - At the time of the second dream, me and H had been playing Minecraft again a fair bit. I'm not entirely sure why there was a D2 waypoint in there but it may have been because of the dream that Hilary shared on DFLN just a week earlier or so, as Diablo hadn't really been much on my mind otherwise.

      - Inside the cavern areas, there were openings above that let some natural light in. There were interesting light effects, though even so I couldn't really see a bottom to the pillared cave areas at any point.
    2. cccxlix. Poor package delivery service, Diablo II character armour

      by , 01-18-2022 at 06:47 PM
      15th November 2021


      Outside on our street. I am coming to see H, who's arriving in the van. He's parked on the opposite side of the road. It's dark outside, but doesn't seem like it's either night or day? I pick up a delivery that was left for us on the pavement, rather than through the door. I open the van passenger door and talk to H about the package and how I find what they did to be annoying. Someone's on the passenger seat, maybe H's sister, A?

      Just before this, I'm in the front room doing something and the light is on. I think the curtains are open?

      Earlier, some bit on Diablo II where I'm checking how different armour plates look on the barbarian (looks more realistic than he should?).
    3. cclvi. Fuzzy reality, Memories, teaching a friend and dad's cancer

      by , 04-22-2021 at 03:10 PM
      22nd April 2021

      There are quite a few personal thoughts and notes here but I guess when are dreams ever anything other than personal? But this took me quite a while to type up, which is frustrating on some level.


      Playing DII, with the barbarian. I remember I look at the waypoints and see I'm in Act 3 but it's actually hell (Act 4). The colours all look weird, the character looks a fuzzy dark navy blue on some parts. It's generally dark and I am going to where Diablo "lives", I remember going past the hellforge or something.

      Very little recall of this dream but it had a strange feel to it, a bit like some of the weirder pre-sleep dreams I used to get as a kid, where reality made no sense with waking physics and was all fuzzy like static noise.

      (DFLN) Dream:

      Spoiler for Lengthy dream:

      Spoiler for Notes, spoilered for length:

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      non-lucid , side notes
    4. clxxvi. Leading ghouls and having base destroyed, Facing an ettin and dying; reincarnation

      by , 10-10-2020 at 12:25 PM
      5th October 2020


      Dream about Warcraft 3 and some special game mode where you would get cash injections every so often, instead of being able to mine gold. You also started out with a single worker.

      I think I was playing this with my siblings, but it was mixed in with reality and the locations were based on my old town?

      I was playing as Undead and got some groups of ghouls going after having made some basic buildings (a ziggurat or two and a necropolis?). I went out from the base, leading the ghouls, mix of myself and a hero unit. At some point while away from the base, another player showed up at the base and destroyed mostly everything. I remember trying to get the acolyte worker away.

      7th October 2020


      - Bit in a dark hallway. Expected Diablo to be at the end. Instead there was an ettin. There were other creatures on the way there. Died at the end.
      - Reincarnated? Somewhere else after that.
      - BL items with modified look.
      - Going around with a group of other people who were also reincarnates, I am surprised about having memories of my past life (direct memory of the previous dream sections). In the dream, I think of posting about this on DV.
      - At the end of the dream, something about a group masturbation event with the rest of the reincarnates? We were surrounding a naked black man who was in his room. He was posing for us.
    5. civ.

      by , 03-24-2020 at 11:49 PM
      One fairly long dream at least, though I had others this was the most prominent on my mind after waking up and even so I didn't make note of all of it.


      A sequence about Diablo 3. There was a new expansion for the game or something and they were finally continuing the prime evil storyline but the plot was still kind of convoluted and somehow involved time travel to go back to the time of creation of the evils. But then this angel said (to me and other characters?) that we'd have to go even further back than that. Passing thoughts about the creation of time.

      I remember having an interface like in the game and quickly found out that something that had been changed was that you could now make any ability/rune combination use any element, as well as some other bonus I don't remember. Just shortly after changing some abilities, while I was looking through these things I think, a treasure goblin appeared and I chased after him. I was going to try using cleave and rend again (I typically always use weapon throw especially because of enemies like the goblins) but the goblin run just fast enough that small mistakes made me not able to catch up to him. At that moment I was immediately regretting having cleave as my primary ability instead of weapon throw.

      Eventually he stopped to do one of his little scripted "look-around" animations and I caught up, quickly getting his health down to 1. This annoyed me because he was technically dead but the animation had to finish for him to properly die.

      Then I swapped my abilities back and this time I was going to have weapon throw again but with a bleeding effect (literal in the dream but just general DoT) and with poison elemental damage. But I realised I wasn't sure what my most boosted element was so I tried to find the interface bit where it showed these values but somehow I'd completely forgotten where that was. I looked physically for it? And ended up finding it displayed somehow but also some electrolytic capacitors. I saw the poison was 400 and something % and decided that it was the strongest I had.

      Some time later (transition?) I got on some sort of magical stone lift. Yellow beams of light were coming from underneath it, just where there were gaps between the lift and the surround it fit into. It was on a cliffside. I remember fog and a generally nightly and blueish atmosphere. Across from me was a portal, with purple fog coming out of it and I thought that should be the time portal. The lift started descending and I felt like it took me to the past somehow, or perhaps I was already in the past and I'd already come through the portal (portal potentially being the dream "explanation" of being here with no transition).

      Down at the bottom was a cave of some sort, as I remember. Fairly light coloured stone, but dark in there.

      - The bit with the goblin was a mix of places, like from Mephisto's lair in D2 and the invaded angelic towers from D3.
      - In this bit I remember the camera/view angle was like in D3.
      - The dream went on even after the cave at the bottom of the lift and while I did initially have recall of those parts of the dream, because I didn't make note of them in the morning, the recall beyond that point is completely gone now.
      - This is the first D3 dream I remember having, but I'll have to go back through my previous notes and DJ entries to be sure.
    6. xviii.

      by , 08-06-2018 at 09:20 AM
      Non-dream stuff; Just some non-lucid dreaming. Woke up at around 8:40.

      Dream Fragment 1:

      I don't remember a lot of this one, just that I was trying to build some things in what looked like a map editing world or something. I was placing concrete foundations for buildings along the side of a cliff and placing stretches of roads for what was going to be a residential area.

      I remember a transition and a forest. I think the forest was in an MMO game, but it looked realistic and it was day and the trees were large pine trees or perhaps some sort of smaller variety of redwood. I remember a lake and the reflection of the sun and forest, though the lake looked shady, somehow, like the canopy was over it somehow.

      Dream Sequence 2:

      I was in a game, it felt like a mix of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and something else MMO-y. I was entering a really dangerous area and my character was a bit weak to attacks and my view of the character was top-down isometric like in D2. I had a shield spell, a spell to summon skeletal minions for a duration and some other summoning spell.

      I knew at the end there was a boss, so I just rushed past the enemies as fast as I could, trying to avoid damage using the shield and summons, sometimes taking hits but never getting below half health points, every now and then opening a new town portal in case I died. I remember noticing several packs of enemies with champion enemies and felt annoyed that I was skipping these, as they give good experience and loot. It felt like it took a while, but as I reached the end I could see there was an area down at a lower level.

      There was a door closer to me. As I went through the door my perspective changed, I think to first-person, and I went down a number of stairs in some corridors with a few windows, until I reached a door; I remembered to open another town portal, but I forgot I couldn't in this area, so the last portal was a little bit further than I wanted it to be.

      I prepared myself for the (I felt) difficult boss before going through another door. I opened the door and went through, I could see a cafe-like place and lots of shelves, all with tins.

      The boss was a bull-fighter, except he commanded a massive demon bull. He was addressing me and explaining how the fight was going to work in terms of how to defeat him. He didn't say anything about the attacks he would use; I remember I had a laser pointer and fiddled with it, trying to get the bull's attention to no effect. Now the demon bull was enraged and his eyes glowed vivid red, almost as weak headlights on a car.

      The bull was inside the cafe but carefully came out, then getting ready to charge toward me, his muscles tensed, and I waited for him to get very close and I jumped up in a sort of weird backflip. The bull was dazed, I think he'd hit a wall or something and didn't look as muscly. The boss guy had explained that I would have to open one of the many tins when the bull was weakened, and then "cook the heart on a goose's (unintelligible)".

      I had a tiny tiny tiny steel axe, smaller than my hand, and I used it to open one of these tins from the shelves; I remember the paper label was orange and the tin was cojoined with another tin, as if the tin had been made this way by mistake. But I managed to pry the lid off with the tiny axe somehow, not feeling too difficult, oddly, and surely enough there was some sort of dark heart-like organ, though it was smaller than my closed fist. There were some other fleshy lumps too, but I'm not certain what they were. Testes perhaps.

      I tipped it out of the tin on the floor and looked at the heart and tried to think on where I could cook it, "inside the cafe in an oven", I thought. But then remembered I'd need to cook it on the goose whatever, which I didn't have.

      The dream kind of ended there.

      There was some other fragment, before these two... I remember a spellbook and something about character selection/customisation... I remember the spellbook showed examples of how spells worked. In particular I remember a spell that would summon a giant skeletal hand to rake a target down into the ground, like a building.

      Some notes:
      • The bull's red eyes like that remind me of other dreams I've had where animals had red eyes in the same way. Even once in a sort of fever-dream my dog looked like that, but in that dream I realised she wouldn't harm me, she was still my friend. It's a peculiar dream-sign I hadn't realised until now that has been present for some time.
      • The bull looked like a bull, but the features looked like a Baron of Hell from DOOM(2016): https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/...20160517180410
      • I thought it was odd a bull's heart would be so small as to fit into one of those tins, but I simply accepted that it was shriveled or something.
      • I thought the other organs might be testes because in my native country eating some animals testes is not uncommon, and these tins were all tinned food; oddly enough, come to think of it, the tins literally only had the organs, not any juice or gravy or anything.
      • As the bull was about to charge toward me I was a little bit tense but confident I'd be able to make the jump. I actually didn't jump as high as I expected, but still more than high enough.
      • The man, the bull-figher, was mostly passively observing.
      • The tiny steel axe was produced from nothing but I accepted that I'd been carrying it with me somehow.