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    Last edited 19/07/2020

    These days I tend to write mostly on my phone's DJ but I tend to go through periods where I alternate where I'm DJing.

    I am writing the dreams almost as I would if I were writing only to myself. The only exception is that in this DJ I only name people by their initials at most or a nickname's initial, unless it's relevant to the dream context, since I want the dreams to be understood/readable by anyone; even if you don't know who my friends are or people I know by name, I still want you to understand the immediate contexts as much as possible.

    Comments on the DJ are welcome. See my dream signs in the general notes under my profile avatar on the sidebar.

    Click to see all DJ entries with images that I made for them

    I don't often make images for dreams because I've usually forgotten most of the details I wanted to depict.

    1. Notes

      by , 03-06-2020 at 06:07 PM
      This is the DJ entry Iíve been wanting to make for a while. Though I forgot to mention it in xcv I did try to incubate the dream about my clouds painting last night too.

      Lately I feel that Iíve made some progress in regards to dreaming overall but at the moment my biggest impediment feels wholly out of my control, and thatís the issue I have of taking between 60 to 90 minutes to fall asleep, regardless of the time of day/night.

      Falling asleep does feel easier when H is in bed at the same time but likewise I seem to lose focus of any thoughts about dream techniques much more easily. Even so, trying to incubate this dream about my painting has been helpful in that regard too since itís helping me practice to stay in that focus even when H is in bed too.

      The dream incubation visualisations arenít particularly imaginative but do go into all the minimum details I think Iíd need to have in the dream anyway. I also try to insert personal dream signs into the visualisations.


      About a week ago, I tried that thing of half-dreaming while listening to a full soundtrack again; and what Iíve noticed combined with my previous attempt is that generally it takes half an hour to start getting into that state (half the soundtrack roughly). This last attemptís first half was preoccupied with those self doubting trivial thoughts that show up sometimes, but eventually I got over it.

      Though the half-dream state didnít go as far as last time (poorer visuals and weaker sensations this time), it did work. Unfortunately, because of how it was a weaker immersion, it did take more conscious effort to stay focused on the sensations and so it felt a bit forced.

      The loudness or intensity of the music paired with the isolating nature of this particular set of headphones feels extremely important for achieving this, since it forces whole-body sensation while ďdisconnectingĒ, in a sense, from external input. My view on this is that the disconnect facilitates the half-dream state because itís more like being asleep already even while still awake and semi-focused.

      The other factor of note was that this time I was more preoccupied about the outside world too; since I was home alone this time I ended up feeling very vulnerable while doing this (in a tense way). As well as that, the previous time I also did this when I was already starting to get sleepy at night time, but this time it was done during the afternoon. Overall I attribute the smaller success to these various factors and the fact that I was simply more distracted from what I was trying to do anyway.


      The last note I think Iíll make is that my pain and tiredness have been bad for months, even on waking up, so a lot of times when I want to make note of dreams I really do feel incapable of it because of how tiring it feels. Still, this is all the more reason that I feel Iíve been fairly diligent and like Iím making progress about dreaming since I started being more active about the DJ again.
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    2. Dream intermission

      by , 07-24-2018 at 09:15 AM
      Completely non-dream stuff:

      Just making a little note here, to remind myself that the past couple of nights I haven't been able to recall my dreams, for no particular apparent reason, other than the fact that my sleep is naturally poor.

      Last night I compromised with my partner and made the radio stop coming on in the morning and I turn it back on for him after I've gotten up from bed (it's helpful for him to wake up). So we will see if this helps improve dream recall, as the voices from the radio were quickly making me forget details on some mornings, if it wasn't quiet enough.

      However, over the last few days, since I've started keeping this DJ and reading the dreams of others, I have started to remember to do RCs in waking life more often, so that's a positive.
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