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      I know what you mean. Like trying to find a sweet warm comforting spot right between the hotness of the heater and the coldness of old man winter's wind screeching against the window. And I guess there's no short way around it and have to figure out who you are by staying lucid/aware so that you can notice how you perform best. Because only you'd know that specific temperature that suits you best.
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      It's comforting to know, that I'm wasn't the only one mulling over this and and more and what? Considering how much you've accomplished in LDing, I hope I can complete as many dream goals as you. And you're totally right. It's a journey, and I might as well make the most f it. Do it the way that makes me happy, instead of just looking up the shortest route via google maps, I could just figure it out my own way and have fun in the process.

      And yes I do my best to address my need to overdo it. I'm getting better it though. Even now I'm doing my best to keep my reply short and concise and not totally over the top haha.
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      I am mostly writing this based on your Goals section. Let me know if it was of any help or even if it wasn't.

      Personally I've found with my own DJing that I become dissatisfied returning to dream entries where I was too vague about the detail when I know for a fact I had better recall than that for the dream. For dreams where I simply don't have any recall anymore or I know/made note of the fact that recall was poor to begin with, this isn't so much an issue.

      On the other hand, I have also found that if I make very long DJ entries too frequently, my motivation can be a bit dampened by the fact that it's a lot of time and effort to do all the journaling then (sometimes I've taken almost an hour to put together a DJ entry). Lately, I think my general approach has been a bit touch and go but I just try to gauge intuitively how much time I feel I want to spend on DJing when the time comes; more often than not in the last few month's I've been far too tired to make side notes properly on some entries, so I try to just let go of my need for the notes and accept that I might come back to it later or that I can be fine with not being as detailed with my thoughts at times.

      Edit: And of course you will be best equipped to figure out what's the best balance for yourself, I just hope sharing my experience may help you with your decisions in either direction.
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      I believe in you. It's funny how much your thoughts, your ideas, your doubts/concerns resemble much of my own. But yeah, go out there and experiment!!! That's what makes things exciting! If I told you the many things I've attempted in making lucid dreaming stick with me! Man, what a journey, and it's only just begun. And the thinking, the theorizing, it's the place where the magic happens; when we get inside our head and just analyze and go over things one, two, three, and a hundred times. Then we put forth a plan, set it up, and observe. It's a continuous cycle that repeats itself and changes; it grows with every new opportunity. We refine and continue to refine.

      Don't forget that rest is a thing! It might be the most important advice I've read. Take it from me, I meditate Sunday to Friday, and rest on Saturdays. If the week is hard for whatever reason, Sunday's off as well. Our muscles/skills only grow if we let them rest. And remember there's always another night.
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      oh thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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      Wow, cool dream!
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      Thanks, better now!
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      Feel better. *Hugs*
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      It was a jetpack in this dream but, yes I have flown a jet before in my dreams before. In real life, however, I flew a STOL aircraft when I was about 19.
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      heya lang, you flew a jet? That sound awesome! :0
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      Umm, I guess I'm not the only one who had a dream last night about Flying/Aviation & Aeronautics. I had a lucid about flying something that I got for my birthday, in the dream.
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      The old lady in the dream 1 was the boss lady's grandma.

      Also forgot that I bought a phone towards the end of dream 1. It's a phone from the future. It had 2TB of storage, had android and another mobile OS system on it. Also had traditional desktop OS added so you could totally use it a PC. Phone of the future yep. IT COST ONLY $60,000 XD lol goodbye paycheck. Inflation is out of control. Also reminded to pay 30% tax by the grandma before the scene with the gang boss. I wasn't sure if I should buy it but the grandma told me to just buy it, like getting rid of dirty money.

      Taking supplements in dream 4, could indicate that I'm finally getting their full benefits. Never had a dream about it before, ever. Also, not truly waking from orgasmic sensation means I'm getting better handle on my emotion, so dreams will likely be more stable. Even though I woke when I cried in the other 2, the dream was about to end anyways I think.

      While meditating I was focusing mostly on the gravity RC. It works pretty well as a meditation method perhaps. Each time my thought drifted, I'd focus back on gravity rc, sometimes labelling, breathing deeply.

      After I meditated a while I decided to do some mantras. Felt a teensy resistance and cleared it. While I was pepping myself up to a excited state in regards to LD, something happend.

      I was struck. A fear. Like real fear. The kind of you get when you are facing death. Is it fear? it's that sensation, you can't really describe it as simply fear. It's a sense of impending doom sort of but not quite. A feelings of premonition. Yes an uncomfortable premonition might be the best description.

      A premonition that came in a vision. It was a relatively empty room with very large window that showed a view outside, covering the edge of the room from the bottom of the floor to the top of the ceiling. And a feeling. The uncomfortable feeling described before. I saw myself viewing outside the window, it was dark.

      The feeling I had quickly transformed into a thought: A fear of hyper-realistic lucid dreams. So real that you'd have trouble distinguishing... It scared me a little. So I worked on that feeling. I assured myself that I wanted to do this, and wasn't this my goal in the first place? Wasn't I going to meet cool aliens, create suns, planets, taste unfathomably delicious foods and so much more?As I cleansed on this feeling of worry in my stomach, it transformed into a feeling of restless excitement - I'm

      I realized that I needed to be prepared. Gravity RC. I'll aim for 14 days, if I fail, then 15 days.
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      Hmm the rem or overall sleep depravation from low hour polyphasic sleep schedule also makes people lucid. In long term it may do the exact same thing just via different means.
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      I tried napping when I had a chance. Felt rested but no dreams. I also meditated while adding gravity rc to it.

      Here's some insights I got:

      Gravity rc is similar to one meditation I made up, where I just let go and let the body sway. Feeling my neck or head sway especially. All I had to do was connect that experience with gravity rc, trying to also feel my feet hitting the ground while walking or my butt while sitting.

      The lack of dreams are something I get if I meditate too long before sleep. So while I focused the gravity on my body laying against the bed, I may have entered a sort of meditative state.

      So while not certain, it's quite interesting and I hypothesize a few things :

      First is that the gravity rc may naturally put you into a meditate states. It's like meditation, but very deadly efficient. Much like how Tibetan monks would meditate to prepare for dream yoga, gravity rc may do the same thing. (maybe it's just me though)

      Second, perhaps the lack of rem caused by either practice puts you in a rem depravation. Where your brain or body notices you are too aware initially and prevents you from entering rem stage.

      Finally. This rem depravation builds up over time until it reaches a critical point; where your body just says "oh, my, God! I can't take this anymore we don't get enough rem!" and rewrites the part of your brain that may say "do not dream unless this person is unconscious" into "just start dreaming whenever I don't care anymore im tired"

      And voila permanent lucidity.

      But that's just a theory. A dream theory!
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      Forgot to add that skipping the level, probably signifies taking the fast track to my goal.
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      Getting close to daily Ld I think, then I can work being lucid every dream. Ever since I started practicing Ld I've been getting more moments of these perfect eyesight. Maybe as I get more lucid /clear it reflects on physical body. I had these clearness before but they are happening multiple times daily now.

      Eyesight was 20/15 or better as a child. Couldn't even see perfectly at an arms reach by teens though. Probably subconsciously trying to avoid seeing the environment in front of me.

      Will my vision be always perfect by the time I get always lucid?
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      Had a little trouble sleeping so I played a game and I wanted do some stuff to ingrain LD into my head.

      The first light in the body was probably from the mantra and the visualizations I used during my practice. I visualized and objectified "lucidity" as kind of a light. Imagined receiving it kind of. I believe in ya, my subconscious, higher self or whatever. Make me LUCID!

      In the second dream I had some awareness but it waned by the subsequent dreams. It was a pretty unfamiliar place so probably not trauma related. Maybe I'm suppose to learn something, or am learning something. Is the message to open my heart? I judged her... without even knowing her. There was a trace of a memory that replayed in me before I rejected her gift. I need to let go of the memory, so I can let in the good stuff.

      In the fourth dream, the big bra probably represents trying to put something over my real self. Am I trying to cover up who I really am with kind of a bra armor sort of. Covering up the "white" dress. Kind of like the "white" mansion last night... Probably represents the inner goodness in me or everyone else. With a pure white childlike kind of innocence. Maybe it means like u gotta have fun like a little kid to really be the best version of yourself or learn new stuff like lucid dreaming. Instead of trying to fill some clothes (persona) that you're not. Since it was just the bra maybe it's telling me I'm close to letting go of last bit of resistance regarding self improvement or lucid dreaming or something.

      Having ppl sabotage me is probably traces of trauma. Memories of people trying to sabotage me because I was better at other in certain things. In school , at work (probably it's that job where you had to look nice maybe it's where this all came from lol)... Sad memories. I probably need to fully accept the full pain that I repressed? And it replaying... it's like a second chance to remind me to let go of it. Putting on some silly armor to hide the true self. So me becoming a monster is probably from shutting off my emotions and becoming monster-like emotionally. Probably another imagery representing repressed true self. Liquid is flexible, so a kind of emotionally shut-off monster that could fluidly fit into any environment...

      In the end though it's not really anyones fault. Had trouble at home back then, just was shut myself off... was it from moving every year or so during childhood? That made me see relationships as temporary so I'd try to protect myself by not getting attached to anyone... Or maybe it was just my abusive father... But even then that may come from work or his father and his forefather... In the end however, this energy needs to be quelled... by me. Sins of my forefathers, I cleanse thee.

      I could just... see the evil in people at that time. Past is past though and let bygones be bygones. And it takes 2 to tango (or conflict) and these days most people have broken homes so it's not like my experience is anything special.

      Sometimes you gotta... take it all in and let it all out I guess. Especially if I'm trying to get better at Lucid Dreaming, recognizing these inner things probably will help. Like when I've labelled thoughts during meditation and they'd quiet down, my labelling of these dream events may calm down negative stuff. Didn't mean to rant so long but hehe thanks for letting me address it. Even though I didn't think I had these repressed stuff if it helps me LD, I'll take it.

      I guess the message from these dreams to me is
      1. your mantra is working
      2. open your heart so you can get its full effects. (Stop judging too much?/trust)
      3. these things are also holding you back (This past event's causing your judgement/making you having trouble trusting)

      THanks DJ, thanks dreamviews, thanks... everything. I feel like I'm getting closer to myself. Thanks my dreams for helping me get LUCID regarding these inner issues... This is lucidity.

      I love Lucid dreaming
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      Just remembered that dream1 had the US kids fighting vs overlording government but deciding to not end them and bunch of whole other stuff. The bunker was abandoned army one, long like a hotdog. Top was curved like a sun during sunset, a half circle. More precisely like a can cut in half longitudinally and placed on ground. There were special helicopters we created that could bend its flying trajectory suddenly. Alot more happened but not recalling perfectly yet since it was the first dream of the night. Probably developing and building stuff that takes months but skimmed over and losing awareness towards the end of it.

      The dream2 police and the guv, are related entities and i felt regret not taking care of them in d2. So the 3 dreams were really interconnected in the end(d3 took place in the mansion in the beginning) . That's a good sign probably since I read experienced lders have persistence in their Ld?

      The mansion was a pure white color. Reminds me of just pure innocence. Shaped kinda like the castle in Disney logo but sides cut off so it's taller than wide, but without the casteliness.

      The redo happens pretty often, I'll remember it as a dream sign. Be aware if dejavu.

      DJing with DETERMINATION
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