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    1. just journalling

      by , 03-17-2020 at 09:44 PM
      Trouble recalling first part of dreams

      I was on the second floor of school in a classroom. It was like a gymnasium and I got a call from a guy who made me irritated. I decided to go find him and leave here. I was going from classroom to classroom via doors that connected from one class to another until I got to the end of the classroom that didn't have any connective doors. There was sabyn there and she was worried about me but I brushed her off. I decided to head out to the hallways and tried to find my destination. I did realize that I had only underwear on and it was slightly embarrassing but I kept going. I was on the first floor after descending downstairs but I wasn't sure where I was going. I headed back to the stairway but somehow I was now inside a mall. People stared at me as because I was still in my underwear. I told myself I decide how I feel and I kept walking. After passing like 2 intersections inside the mall, I became lucid. I walked a bit more and found a bench and sat on it. There was a black guy to the left, I think he had dreads he looked like 30-40, and an older woman with wrinkles in the wrinkly areas that you get wrinkles if you smile too much, to the right I'm not exactly sure where she's from. The lady reminded me of the oracle from matrix. We talked about some things, recalling it now but might have been sort of important. I asked the man's name and he told me... I forgot his name now and then I asked the name of the old lady, she was smiling but I FA/Woke.

      I was in a bedroom or a sauna and wasn't lucid but after a bit I did become lucid.

      I remember spinning to teleport because the dream was getting unstable, there was someone with me.. maybe it was dream guide. I just remember something/someone trying to help me out.

      I was in a snowy field, lucid there was like a shallow pond to the right and there were grassy stuff growing at the bottom of the pond. I grabbed and squished the snowand it became hard, I put some in my mouth and it was indeed hard and tasted like hardened snow. I then entered the pond and tried to swim a bit. I wanted to keep going but woke.

      * I remember that I got lucid because I was telling myself "this is a dream" while in the mall.

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