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    1. Leviathan

      by , 11-13-2019 at 03:27 AM
      From a couple of days ago

      Had some lucid moments. But I wasn't fully inside the dream. Right before entering a dream. It was not long after I went to bed so could be early and short/unstable rem that stopped it from being an ld.

      Electronics, cooking class

      I was inside an electronics class that kinda felt like best buy. Met acquaintances. There was some arguing going on, I forget about what. I eventually leave.

      I arrive at a cooking class and we're learning to make cold soup. I was learning it with a girl I met from the previous store. My mom was also there. Maybe the dream came up because I drank soup.

      Leviathan - belief

      It looked like the outside of an warehouse building, I think it was near a sea port. I was inside some battle. I forget how it began though. I summoned a familiar whose name was apparently Leviathan. I remember that we were infiltrating this building because it belonged to some evil organization or something. Anyways Leviathan stays outside to stop the enemy forces from approaching us. While me and this guy heads inside the warehouse.

      Inside was a gigantic thing. I guess the closest word to describe it is sort of a golem-machine thing. Yellow kind of stone or metal. It carried a hammer in its left hand I think. The hammer was made of something similair to the golem. The hitting cylindrical part of the hammer was about the size of a truck. So how big exactly was the giant? It was big enough to hold that ruck so maybe it was like 100 meters, 150?

      Anyways it was sort of an automaton; robot or something, but it had more of magical power source rather than electric or machinery. It began to attack us with the hammer and I summoned some more summoning things. I suppose familiars. There were about 7 of them but, they were regular sized and the hammer just 'poofed' them.

      I... was running out of options.

      It was just me and the guy from earlier. He had a wavy dark Mediterranean hair yes, and he was completely useless. There was still Leviathan, but she was still outside and I wasn't sure if she could get here on time. The golem began to unleash a hammer strike from above us.

      Doubts.... doubts welled up from within me. Not much we can do really; We were going to die.

      And the hammer, it's coming down at us, and it feels all slowed down; time slowing down: as if the monstrosity, time, in this moment, savored ever so sweetly- that each and every drip of our anguish and despair quenched its insatiable and endless thirst ever so briefly.

      Bam! Shock-waves from the strike echoed across the building. Facing towards us, she was squatting in the air. A maiden in white and yellow. She had a bobbed hair I think, with a white beret. Her arms raised right above her, holding up the hammer, as if she was Atlas holding up the weight of the earth, with much strain. I understood, I felt it. Her strength... Her power was fully proportional to the amount of belief I had at that moment.

      So I believed with all my heart. She said, "Pavilion strike!"


      Felt like the dream was training my belief
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