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    1. Pink Rainbow Sky

      by , 03-16-2020 at 03:51 AM
      Had trouble sleeping, slept for about 2-3 hrs for a dream that felt like it lasted about 3-4 days.About 3-4 dream locations but it was a singular dream that continued on from one place to another.


      The dream theme was basically going from one world to another. I was teleported to another world, survived and came back to earth. There was some people that died and materialized as spirits on earth. I went back to the otherworld with my companion and we were in sort of a military country/planet. I was teleported to a very different world from ours *rainbow sky* and came back to the militant planet. Competed in some sort of event and I was heading to the locker but my friend noticed my hands were turning blistered. I was cursed and he gave me his familiar to sacrifice along with mine so I'd be cured. The familiars agreed to this. I went down to the lower caverns, or sort of vertical mines of the place that had some sort of special coal and they were mining what I'd discovered and showcased earlier. We were now leaving and heading off to another world and there was a girl from earth back here... She was getting frozen or punished in place of another earthling spirit who had escaped their fate. I'm saying earthling but maybe it wasn't even earth though. But yeah one guy's soul was suppose to be captured but he got away so she was frozen in another world instead.

      I'd also dreamt that I was a monk among 3 and we were holding a concert.

      Also had a nap later and got lucid very briefly but it wasn't that interesting.

      Was lucid couple of days ago and the day after that and managed to make a portal or a dark blob of a portal, but woke before I could enter.

      Rainbow Sky

      I was immediately teleported somewhere. A strange land. It was dry here like, it wasn't sandy, just rocky and dry place. It was like canyons, but they were smooth, no jagged parts. The sky was like... pink? But it was rainbow. There were colors that were out of this world and it really was like a rainbow as the colors fused and moved like gentle circular waves... so mesmerizing. Continuously changing, sort of like the rainbow of a bubble.

      It was so breathtaking and it was so scary. This foreign place- but it was so vividly real. But it was so beautiful that I could only stare. Time compression, I saw the skies change from day to night... I heard that sound, like gentler version of vibration or from long meditation. From the corner of my eyes I saw the inhabitants shuffling about.They were human shaped but limbs were much longer and their bodies slimmer. Their skin's color was similar to their skies.

      I'd remember why I'd come here; we came here to get the blessed moon-water that would heal me. Below me was a still pond, without any signs of fish. I was under a small bit of smooth rock that covered me and the people of this planet from the endless sunlight. This world had no nights, that is to say that there was only brighter times of the day and the slightly less bright moonlit skies. That's why we'd hid from the mesmerizing skies under the rock to not get burned by the endless lights. Just slowly shifting, from pink rainbow, to purple rainbow. It wasn't overly bright, like the bright sunny days of earth but just very... rainbow. It was probably very bright, but it was simply that my eyes could sense colors that were imperceptible by human eyes, making it not a single bright white ray but something similar to Van Gogh but much more vibrant (less blue more pink) and amazingly breathtaking, and it kept moving. The skies were alive you know? Remember to put the water into the canteen.

      As night approached, the moonlights blessed the pond water for all to take. There were no nights, only the ever-changing psychedelic skies. Blessed am I to see such wonderful sights.

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