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    1. The First Sun

      by , 09-14-2019 at 12:04 AM
      This was one of the most amazing if not the most amazing dream I have had to date bar none. It was unmatched in terms of clarity, although it was not the longest, it was the most continuous, without time gap in the story. Although I was not lucid the duration of the dream, according to my ld mentor I was indeed lucid, albeit very small bit of lucidity. I was conscious the entire duration of the dream and not one moment of it was skipped and I managed to deild back into it after I woke up once.

      The beginning part is hazy, I was conscious and everything was clear as daisy but it was difficult to remember since there were so many events happening before I could wake up.

      I was in high school or something that was similar but it was not the one where I antedated it was much more cheerful and bright in contrast to the dim dungeon-like one I had the pleasure of attending. The dream was very quite long. How it felt real time was 2-3 days. I remember this was after a wbtb.

      *I recalled now that I was exploring the school, the right side of the school had a graveyard and that was where I'd met the Russian mobster. I remember it was dark outside, it looked like 7-9pm.

      The earlier part of the dream I spent running away. I had gotten mixed up with a guy from the Russian gang and he was out to get me. I was getting away and going deeper into the high school building but it slowly morphed into something else. It became a science research lab, sort of. It was an extra-self improvement building where people could pay to have their physical body or mental skills etc edited for a fee. I found a friend, Mary from high school there. She was more beautiful than I ever remembered. I adored the natural beauty, unblemished by excessive makeup that plague us right now. Regardless, she was now a movie star and played the heroine of a movie. I had seen the movie earlier in my dream and she had professed her love to me. Asked her about it, and she told me it was a lie, but I Knew better. I leave her behind and I am proceeding deeper into the science center with 2 guys. Owe are riding on a device that's like a water park ride. But it was not a watermark. It was just segregating people based on their predisposition or so. One of the guy went down into the hole to right right. The other to the left. I circled around and went to the one that was left and behind me. I went under the tunnel, down and way under. Until I reached a mind-reprogramming center . They would “edit” your mind with electrical signals or pulses to the brain to unlock hidden potential of the human mind. Like hyper-intelligence or ESP. All the people laid back on a recliner made up entirely of metal wires, the wires were 1/3 inch thick, perhaps they ere metal to better conduct electric inputs. We rode the recliners and proceeded forward.

      It was amazing experience. They opened up things within us. It was akin to the matrix where Neo had learned random Knowledge sort of thing. I was buzzing with amazing energy, vibrating. The experience ended however,and the staff told us to leave to the right. This was a trial program and not the full course brain reprogramming. Those of us who were on the trial were lead down to a large area. We needed to walk forward to leave the place. However it was some sort of government agency that would brainwash you to make you forget about the experience here. Only the VIP could keep the abilities. I pretended to be brainwashed and proceeded. I saw my subconscious before me, being objectified. One that stood out especially was narcissism, she was a medallion with a woman's face carved unto it. The more I let go of my mind into wandering, the bigger she got. I relaxed as per my meditation practices and stabilized everything. I proceeded to the right side, there was an exit for us and there was a holographic neck& torso imagery of a human body. There were a couple of them and each one had an arrow or a road point you towards it. They were offering body-modification programs, hormone replacements, hormone-enhancements, etc to those who would pay. There was the issue about something bad I did years back. The AI interface of the place told me that I'd suffer 72-hours of mental slowness.

      I awake. The body enhancement thing were futuristic and perhaps sci-fi was realistic... I decided to go back into the dream.

      I am once again back into the chair. I see a couple of people in front of me sitting in the wired recliner and they were compartmentalized and put to sleep. Those were their sleeping quarters. I got up to leave. I was actually interested in the body modification thing from earlier. For me, they had described a path of body mod/transfer that only a select few could attain. So I went to the staff lady at the special area to ask her about it. There were a couple of others about 5 of them interested in the same thing. She showed us and told us these were the most amazing bodies that you could transfer or modify your body into if you wished... She asked me which one I wanted...

      I said “I want the most beautiful and the strongest body"

      She replied, “So you would want the First Sun”

      I was curious. I was so intrigued and wanted to know what the first sun was. Was it an actual body referred by a code name? As in a human body, or was it a planetary body? I was very bewildered and excited about the idea of becoming/experiencing a planetary body in a dream,or if this was a human body I was indeed interested in it likewise. She was directing me towards the secret backroom. The First Sun, I was so excited to see/experience/become it.

      I awake and open my eyes.

      Notes: I did wild kind of, the square visualization. MILD + SW.

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