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    1. Omnilucidity Update 2

      by , 10-15-2020 at 03:14 AM
      It's been a while! I've been bogged down with school and life, but I'm here to post an update on my Omnilucidity research. Nothing definitive, just an update to my procedure. (Also Omnilucidity is getting annoying to type so I'm calling it OL)

      Previously, there were a lot of unnecessary steps that complicated the process, so I'm gutting some stuff, and adding some stuff.

      Waking Phase
      Step 1: DJ
      Step 2: Meditate
      Step 3: Find reliable sleep method
      Dreaming Phase - Once aware of the dream state
      Step 1: Stabilize dream
      Step 2: Summon Dream guide
      Step 3: Unlock OL from Dream guide
      Step 4: Pop the fuck off

      The main thing I want to clarify for new peeps to this idea is Step 3 in Dream Phase, which is-uh.. How exactly do you unlock OL, and what does the Dream Guide have to do with it?

      Instruct your dream guide to guide you to lucidity by explaining to you that you are in a dream until you become lucid. This is however the easy route. If you are feeling especially confident in your dreaming abilities, you could just say to the dream itself something like "Just make me instantly become lucid every night dude" and you're poggin

      After you no longer have to worry about obtaining lucidity, you can focus on doing stuff you wanna do or in my case, seeing just how far LD can go!

      ps; I'm also using galantamine and that shit is poggers
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