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    Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation

    Welcome to my dream journal!

    Here I will describe what I dreamt in as much detail as I can, as is the purpose of a dream journal.

    Later on, I might document specifics about how my dream world and things that happened exactly work here when something like that occurs.

    1. Strange dream fragment and mashups| [17.04.2020]

      by , 04-17-2020 at 04:16 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Weird mashup dream
      I only remember fragments of the first part. I remember the death of an old friend I had in the dream (not real), and I have flashbacks to times we've had together. We seemed to be pretty happy together. We both seemed to be living in a sort of psychologist's building. I remember it might not have been an asylum, we just lived in the same building, but I'm not sure. There might have been some strange creatures at some point. I remember something with a pool. He might have drowned. Or maybe he was murdered by the creatures.

      Suddenly, the scene changes to something similar to the scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with the death eater and Barty Crouch in the courtroom. Except that the courtroom is now a gigantic dim chamber. The ceiling was quite low, but the room was about 50 meters in length and width. The only light came from a large window on at least one side of the room, letting light coming through what is probably storm clouds, judging from the light's dimness. I can't really see what is outside the window. All the seats are lined up like in the courtroom. Albus Dumbledore sits on a chair. I try to talk to him, but he doesn't react. I then walk up to the chair and walk right through it, noticing I am like a ghost to everything that is happening. I notice Voldemort sitting in the middle. I decide to sit onto his chair for some reason, looking at everything through his perspective.

      Then, I am suddenly sitting on a leather chair affixed to the wall, with psychologists trying to calm me. I think something involving the pool happened. They bring me into a room to talk with a woman. She asks me a lot of things, I don't remember what though, except that I bring out one of my medical devices for diabetes and she asks if the amount of insulin given isn't a bit much, and I explain that the amount is spread out through the day.

      Next scene is of a black leopard, which is some sort of evil character associated with the creatures mentioned at the beginning. They are a leopard because apparently they managed to continue living after death by becoming one. They break into a sort of zoo enclosement and bring out stones, which they break up and for some reason breathe in. A sort of zoo overseer just watches this and exclaims that this is one smart leopard. Then they suddenly get aggressive and want to attack me, but I am stuck with my arm in the sort of wall of the enclosement. I suddenly go back to some other scene for a second, before waking up.