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    1. Dream where me and my sister got trapped in grandads car in a rainstorm after church

      by , 07-19-2022 at 03:01 AM
      I had another dream last night where me and my sister were trapped in granddads old reliant during a rainstorm.

      When this dream started, I was at the church my family went to when I was growing-up with my mom and sister. We were at the coffee hour they used to always have after the Sunday Chruch Service and it was summertime and really hot outside and I was burning-up in my church clothes and ready to go back home.

      When people started to leave the Coffee Hour and walk back to their cars in the parking lot, mom told me and my sister that we were going to take all of the flowers from the service to the nursing home that granddad had spent his final month living at on our way home and that she needed our help getting all of them to the car. She then grabbed a big rolling cart that I remember our church used to have and then led me and my sister into the sanctuary where all of the flowers were.

      When I we started walking down the aisle towards the front of the church, I noticed there were vases and pots of flowers everywhere. Many more than were normally up front for a church service. When we got up to the front, mom told me and my sister to grab the vases and pots and bring them to her. Me and my sister spent a while grabbing them and bringing them back to mom who then placed them all on the cart. We kept doing this for a while until eventually we had grabbed all of the flowers and mom somehow figured out how to get everything onto the cart.

      Mom asked me to push the cart and then I followed her out of the sanctuary and into the parking lot where I saw granddads old tan reliant was one of the only cars left in the parking lot.

      When we got to the reliant, mom opened the trunk and told me and my sister to hand her all of the potted flowers first. We kept handing them to her, and somehow she was able to figure out how to get all of the flower pots to fit in the trunk with no room to spare.

      Once mom had the trunk loaded, she unlocked and opened the front passenger side door and told me and my sister to go ahead and get in the front seat. As I stood by the door waiting for my sister to get in, she reminded me it was her day to choose where to sit and for me to scoot over to the middle seat. I then sat down on the tan vinyl bench seat and moved over to the middle and fastened the tan lap belt around my waist. My sister than plopped down in the passenger seat to my right and fastened her tan shoulder belt as mom closed the passenger side door and then started loading the vases into the back seat. It was hot in the car, so I rolled down the driver side window and my sister rolled down the passenger side window to cool things off.

      While me and my sister waited, mom spent a while trying to get all of the vases to fit in the back set and back floorboard. She could not get everything to fit and kept taking them out and putting then back in trying to find a different way to put them all in.

      Eventually she got all but 3 vases to fit and opened the front passenger side door and gave me and my sister each a small vase to hold in our lap and then put a big vase on the passenger side floorboard and told me sister to hold it between her feet. She reminded us we would only have to hold them for a little while since it would talk less than 15 minutes to drive to the nursing home. She then told us she was taking the cart back to the church and would be right back.

      I watched through the windshield as mom rolled the cart back to the church building and then held the ladies doing coffee hour load all of their stuff into the car and then disappear into the church building rolling it.

      As soon as she walked into the church building, we heard several loud claps of thunder and then the bottom fell out and it started pouring down rain. I had to struggle to roll up the driver side window while holding the vase upright in my lap with my other hand while my sister had to do the same while rolling the driver side window up. It kept pouring down rain for probably 15-20 minutes and me and my sister had to sit and wait in the reliant while mom waited it out inside the church.

      As me and my sister kept waiting for mom, we both noticed something in the car smelled bad and I was sure it was one of the vases or flowers. Eventually, the rain started to let up some and one of the ladies who mom had helped with cleaning up from coffee hour walked her out to the reliant with a big umbrella and held it over her while she unlocked the driver side door and then sat down int the driver seat on my left. Mom thanked her and then closed the driver side door and then the lady walked to her car.

      Mom then put the key in the ignition and tuned it but the car didn't start right up. For a few cranks, it sounded like it was going to start-up but each crank ended with the buzzing sound and a dash full of red lights. After a few more cranks, mom noticed the car stunk and asked me and my sister if one of us might have stepped in poo because something really stunk in the car. We both denied it and I told mom it was one of the vases. Mom then turned her attention back to getting the car started and after a few more cranks the battery started to sound weak and then nothing happend when mom turned the key.

      As we were getting out of the reliant, mom noticed there was something on my shoe and I woke up from the dream trying to clean it off in one of the big puddles in the parking lot.
    2. Dream where I was helping at a church clothing drive

      by , 11-11-2020 at 05:06 AM
      I had a dream last night where I was helping with a clothing and supply drive at a large church that is in the town where I live now. It is not a church that I regularly go to, but I have some friends that go there and have been to some weddings there and also brough old clothing when they have had clothing drives.

      When the dream started, I was waiting in the parking lot for people to come and donate stuff. When a driver would pull-up, I would take the items they were donating from them and then would carry it into the large fellowship hall where a bunch of people were sorting out donations and putting like items together. I was greeting people and taking the things they wanted to donate into the fellowship hall and if they requested it, giving them a receipt for their donations. It almost seemed like I was working at a Goodwill store, but I was at the church volunteering for them instead. In the dream, several people I know in my waking life were stopping by in the cars they drive now to donate stuff. I think the dream was set in the present time, although no-one was waring masks or social distancing so I think we were not dealing with COVID in the dream.

      When the time period for people to donate had past, I went into the fellowship hall to see if I was done or if they needed more help. When I walked in, I saw that everything had been sorted and boxed-up. A big middle aged lady with greying blonde hair saw me and asked if I had time to help take boxes out to the truck. When I said I could, she pointed to the boxes that she wanted taken out first and then told me where to find the truck behind the building.

      I then took as many boxes as I could handle and carried them out to where she told me the truck was. When I got to the truck, I saw it was the old half ton truck the city has let events I help run in my waking life borrow. I loaded the boxes into the back of the truck and then kept going back into the fellowship hall to get more boxes and brining them out to the truck.

      It seemed like each time I went in to get more boxes, both the number of boxes and number of people in the fellowship hall were fewer and fewer each time I went in. I kept taking boxes out to the truck and then going back into the fellowship hall and getting more boxes and taking them out to the truck.

      After taking another handful of boxes out to the truck, I started to walk back into the fellowship hall and saw the big lady and a chunky girl with long brown hair who looked to be 13-14 walking out towards the truck each carrying a box. The lady told me that they had the last two boxes and there was nothing else to load onto the truck. She then asked if I could help her tie the boxes to the truck bed.

      I stood on one side of the truck bed and caught straps when the lady tossed them over from the other side and then hooked them in and tightened them. While we did this, the girl who had carried the last box looked on and I figured she was the lady’s daughter since she stood near the lady. As we were securing the boxes I learned that the lady was the outreach minister at the church and the girl was indeed her daughter.

      Once we had the boxes secure to the truck, the lady asked me how much longer I could help. When I told her I could help until around 5, she told me that was great since she needed help unloading boxes at the rescue mission. She said it shouldn’t take more than an hour and that I could ride in the truck with she and her daughter and then lead us towards the passenger side of the truck.

      When we got to the passenger side door, the lady opened it and then asked me to ride in the middle so her daughter could have the shoulder belt. I climbed into the cab which had the same cracked and worn tan interior and then moved over to the middle to make room for her daughter who then sat down next to me and buckled the shoulder belt. The lady then told us she needed to go lock up the fellowship hall and would be right back before closing me and her daughter in the cab.

      While me and the girl waited in the truck for the lady to come back, she was telling me about other outreach things her mom handles at the church that she likes and was trying to encourage me to come out and help with some of them. While she kept talking I noticed that something smelled bad. I couldn’t decide if it was the interior of the truck that smelled or if the girl had body odor, so I didn’t say anything and tried to ignore it.

      Eventually, the lady was getting into the truck and then playing with the key, accelerator, and stick shift trying to get the truck to start just like I always have to when I try to start it in my waking life. While she was fooling with the stick shift, I saw her staring at the floor and then she told me she thought I may have stepped into some poo. I woke up not long after she told me this, really embarrassed that some lady I had just met discovered I stepped in poo.