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    1. Dream where I was riding in the Junior High carpool from hell

      by , 11-04-2020 at 03:51 AM
      I had a dream last night that was set at my junior high school where I think I was in junior high.

      It is the end of the school day and I am waiting for my carpool ride to come and pick me up but I donít see the car I am expecting anywhere in the line of cars. Soon a fat girl with really long brown hair is coming towards me. She says she has been looking all over for me and reminds me that today is the day her little sister has brownie scouts and her mom is already here.

      We walk towards a sport field where a bunch of girls in brownie scout uniforms are playing different games. She walks up to a really big leady who also has dark hair and tell her she has found me and then asks for the keys. The woman who I figure is her mother hands her the keys and then she leads me into the parking lot and then toward a really big 1980ís general motors station wagon that is white with wood trim. When we get to the passenger side door, she unlocks it and tells me we are both riding up front and that I am sitting in the middle as she points to the dark brown bench seat.

      After I get in, she tells me she needs to take the keys back to her mom and then leaves me in the station wagon by myself. While I am waiting alone in the old station wagon, I notice something really stinks but figure it is just the station wagon since it is old and the interior is dirty.

      Soon I see the fat girl walking back towards the station wagon. When she gets to the passenger side door, she opens it up and then tells me that I need to go ahead and buckle-up because her mom expects everyone to put their seatbelt on as soon as they get in the car. She then sits down in the passenger seat to my right, buckles her seatbelt, and then closes the passenger side door.

      When then spend a long time waiting in the station wagon wile her sister and her friends are still running around on the field. It is not very comfortable waiting with her. Even though the station wagon is really big, the girl is fat and her fat body is pressing up against me.

      Eventually, I see her mom leading 5 girls in their brownie uniforms towards to station wagon. One of the girls is chubby and has dark hair and I figure that is the little sister of the girl sitting beside me. When they get to the station wagon, the mom opens the back door and the fat sister and two of her friends sit down there and then she opens the back gate and the other two girls sit down in the jump seat in the way back. The mom reminds everyone to buckle-up and then closes the tail gate and back door and then goes to talk to another mother who is already in the driver seat of a minivan filled with brownie scouts.

      While she is talking to her friend, all of the little girls start singing songs they had learned that day and the fat girl beside me then joins in with them. I cannot decide if is it worse having to be pressed up against the fat girl or having to listen to all of then sing annoying songs.

      While we are still waiting for the mother to get in, one of the girls in the backseat notices something smells after they have finished another really annoying song. The 5 girls in the back seat and way back all talk about the smell and decide it is me since I am the only boy in the car and boys smell. They all then start singing the jingle bells song saying that I smell. The fat girl sitting to my right starts laughing when they sing it and eventually starts singing it with them. I try to tell them that it isnít me, that it smelled when I got in but they keep singing the song and getting on my nerves.

      Finally, I hear the minivan start-up and then move forward out of the parking space. I then see the big woman go over and check on two brownie scouts who are still waiting for their ride and then stays with them until someone comes to pick them up and talks with the driver of the car for a few minutes. When the car drives away, she is finally walking towards the station wagon we are all waiting in. The five girls in the back are now getting on my nerves doing who stole the cookies from the cookie jar and getting on my nerves even more when one of them says I stole the cookies and I have to join in.

      When she gets to the driver side of the station wagon, she opens the driver side door and then plops down in the driver seat to my left. I have to move my body closer to her daughter so she can have enough room to get in. When she closes her door, I am squished between the fat mother and daughter. Both of them are pressed-up against me and I have no personal space because they are both fat. The mother talks to all the girls to decide the order for dropping everyone off and I am about to die when she talks because her breath is really bad and my nose is right by her. I know that regardless of the order she drops everyone off, I will be stuck in the middle of the front seat between then until the very end since they live across the street from me.

      When I am about at my wits end having the fat woman talk to the girls and breath in my face, she finally puts the keys in the ignition. At first the station wagon doesnít want to start, but after spending a few minutes pumping the accelerator and turning the key the fat woman gets it started and we pull out of the parking lot. There is a New Kids tape playing in the tape deck and the fat girl sitting next to me and the 5 girls in the back all sing along with the tape while I ride in misery and really wish I had a Walkman so I can tune them all out.

      After a couple of songs, we are at the end of the tape. The 5 girls in the back start singing another brownie song with the fat woman who is driving while the fat girl in the passenger seat leans forward and looks though the glove box for a new tape to put in the tap deck. As she is in front of me taking the New Kids tape out of the tap deck, I see her pause and sniff and then look down at my feet on the floorboard. She then loudly tells everyone that I have stepped in doggie doo. The five girls in the back immediately stop singing and start saying different rhymes about me stepping in doodoo and then start singing the jingle bells song again while I just want out of the car. When we get to a stop light, the fat woman sitting next to me gets in my face and starts getting after me for not being more careful watching where is was stepping and for getting doggie doo in her car while her nasty breath is torturing my noise.

      When the light finally turns green, the station wagon stalls out and the fat lady keeps turning the key and pumping on the accelerator but cannot get the car to stay running. I woke up from the dream while she was trying to get it started a people behind us were honking because the light was green but she wasnít moving.
    2. Dream where I was trick or treating with a fat girl and fat woman

      by , 11-01-2020 at 03:52 PM
      I had a dream last night where it was Halloween and I was trick or treating. I was dressed-up as a football player and was wearing a helmet and shoulder pads. I was going to houses with a girl who was probably 11 or 12 years old and was fat with shoulder length brown hair and was dressed as a princess. Her mother was with us as well and was really fat and had long curly brown hair. They were not people I know I my waking life. We were trick or treating in a really big subdivision where there were lots of houses closer together.

      We kept going door to door and getting lots of candy. The girls mother was definitely in charge and was telling us what to do and also kept telling me to make sure that her daughter was getting candy when we were walking to the door in big crowds. She was really concerned for some reason that people would not see her daughter and give her candy if we were in a crowd. As we were walking around, the mother would grab me by the arm and get in my face if I did something she did not like. She was definitely a redneck and also a chain smoker. She seemed to smoke one cigarette after another as we walked around.

      As we are walking around, I keep seeing people I went to high school with out trick or treating in their costumes. They all look like I remember them looking when I was in high school in my waking life. When I see them, they know me and I know them. I found this part of the dream really odd since I do not know who the woman and girl I am walking around with are and the neighborhood I am walking around

      After we had gone up and down all of the streets, the girls mother told us it was time to go. She then led us to a small red 1980ís Toyota pickup truck with a black camper top that was parked on the street. When we got there she fished out her keys and then unlocked and opened the passenger side door and then told me to give her my helmet and bag of candy so she can put them in the back. I stand off to the side so the fat girl could get in the truck since she was shorter than me, but her mom grabbed me by the arm and pulled me toward the truck and told me I was sitting in the middle because it could mess up her daughters princess dress.

      I get in the truck and scoot across the light brown vinyl bench seat to the middle so the girl can get into the passenger seat. Her mother then reaches in and puts the lap belt around my waist and gripes about having to buckle me in herself while she tightens it. The fat girl then sits down in the passenger seat and her mother carefully buckles her in to make sure the shoulder belt doesnít mess-up her dress and lets her have a few pieces of candy before taking her candy bag and then slamming the passenger side door shut.

      The girl and I wait in the truck while she puts my helmet and our candy bags in the back and then stands in front of the truck and smokes a few more cigarettes. I notice something smells horrible in the truck but figure it is either that the truck smells since it is old or that the fat girl has body odor. It is not comfortable in the truck with the girl because I have my legs on a hump straddling the stick shift and the truck cab is small and the girl is fat and her body is pressed against me.

      Finally the fat woman is opening the driver side door and getting into the driver seat. She is really fat and I have to move my body towards the fat girl to make room for her so she can close her door. I am now squished between the fat woman and the fat girl. Both of their bodies are pressed against mine and it is really uncomfortable. The fat woman also reeks of the all of the cigarettes that she was smoking while we were trick or treating. When she talks to the girl and I, I can smell the cigarettes on her breath and it is disgusting.

      Eventually, the woman turns the keys to start-up the truck but it is really hard to start and she gets more and more agitated each time she turns the key and it doesnít start-up. While she is trying to start it, the fat girl leans in towards me to see what is going on and bumps into me which causes my foot to get knocked off the hump and brush against the fat womanís leg. She looks down and then grabs my arm and gets in my face because I stepped in dog shit and got it over her leg. I woke up from this dream with the fat woman having her face right in front of mine screaming at me and spitting in my face because I stepped in dog shit and got in on her leg and on her truck. I woke-up from this dream while she was still grabbing me and screaming at me and when I woke up was afraid she may have started hitting me if the dream had continued much longer because she was really angry and only getting angrier the longer she screamed at me.