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    1. Another dream where me and my sister were stuck in granddads car in a rain storm

      by , 07-10-2022 at 05:20 PM
      I had another dream last night where I was riding in the middle of the front seat of my granddads old Tan Plymouth Reliant between my mom and younger sister and me and my sister got stuck in the car during a rainstorm.

      When this dream started, I was riding bikes with my mom and sister on a trail we used to go and ride on when I was growing up. It was a hot and humid summer day, but the trail we were riding on was in the woods so we were in the shade and spared from the worse of the heat. As we rode along on the trail, I saw landmarks I remember used to like such as the bridge over the creek near a waterfall, a large tree that had a unique shape due to being struck by lightning, and a hill where you could see the tops of the buildings in downtown.

      When we got to the end of the trail, I saw granddads reliant in the parking lot. It was really clean like it used to look when he drove it. When we got to the car, mom unlocked and opened the front passenger side door and reminded me I was sitting in the middle and needed to get in and buckle-up. I got in and scooted across the tan vinyl bench set to the middle and fastened the tan lap belt around my waist and then my sister sat down in the passenger seat to my right and fastened the tan shoulder belt as mom closed us into the car and then spent a while loading our 3 bikes into the back seat. It was hot in the car so I rolled down the driver side window and my sister rolled down the passenger side window to cool things off.

      Once mom got our bikes loaded in the back seat, she closed the back door and then walked around the car and unlocked and opened the driver side door and then sat down in the driver seat to my left. When she put the key and turned it, the car started right up which never happened in any of the earlier dreams I had. She then puit the car in gear and headed towards our house. I felt squished riding between then since both were pressed-up against me.

      When we were on the way home, mom turned into the parking lot of the bank she used to go to when I was growing-up and then parked the car and told us she needed to go in and take care of something and for us to stay buckled in the car. She then cut the car off and got out and went into the bank branch.

      Me and my sister then spent a while waiting in the car, and I was focused on the doors to the bank and every time I saw them open, I hoped it was mom coming out but is was always someone else.

      After we had been waiting for a while, I started hearing claps of thunder and then it started to pour down rain. I had to quickly lean over and roll up the driver side window while my sister rolled up the passenger side window as the rain came down harder and harder. As me and my sister waited in the car, the rain kept coming down and showed no signs of letting up. As we continued to just sit and wait for the rain to stop and mom to come out and get in the car, both me and my sister noticed the car really stunk. My sister said it smelled like poo to her and then looked at her shoes and mine and told there was something on my shoe. I woke up from this dream while me and my sister were still waiting in the car for the rain to let-up and having to listen to my sister complain about how bad the poo stunk and how gross it was that I had stepped in poo and got it in the car.