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    1. Return of the dream where I am in my Granddads Reliant with my mom and sister

      by , 01-31-2020 at 03:59 AM
      After not having it for a few weeks, that dream where I am in my granddads old reliant between my mom and sister and mom cannot get the car to start has started recurring again.

      I spent last weekend with my mom and helped her with some things and have had the dream every night beginning on Monday (1/27).

      As in the past, the dream always starts with me in the Reliant by myself buckled to the front middle seat. As I am checking my surroundings, my sister is coming out of the house and walking towards the car. She is still wearing the same pink shirt, red overalls, and tan sandals that she wore in earlier dreams. She opens the passenger side door, and sits down next to me in the passenger seat. She closes her door and buckles her seat belt.

      All 3 nights as in the past, we spend a really long time in the car waiting for mom to come out and get in. I am not sure how long, but would have to guess at least 20-30 minutes each nigh if not longer. As in the past dreams, her breath reeks but now she is trying harder to get me to talk with her. She is invading my space and putting her face right in front of mine so it is harder to ignore her. When I don't respond to her, she keeps asking the same questions and I keep having to smell her breath. I eventually turn to the empty driver seat trying to ignore her. I am noticing she is sitting right next to me more than I did in the earlier dreams.

      Eventually, I see the back door to the house open and then see mom locking it and then walking towards the Reliant where my sister and I are waiting for her. When she gets there, she pull the keys out of her purse and then unlocks the driver side door. She then sits down on the empty drivers side seat on my other side and puts the keys in the ignition. Once she has the mirrors adjusted, she tries to start the car, but it won't start-up. As in past dreams I focus on mom pumping the accelerator and turning the key as well as the red light on the dash and buzzing sound each time the engine fails to start.

      Unlike in the earlier dreams, mom is spending more time out of the car while trying to get the car started. It can either be to get out and look under the hood or to go back into the house because she is afraid something like the coffee pot or TV has been left on. If I ask if I can get out, she tells us we need to stay in the car.