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    1. Entity abducted me from my dream

      by , 08-03-2020 at 11:59 AM
      It began as a normal dream in which I was driving a car back to home. Suddenly in front of me, out of nowhere a giant mirror like portal appeared and I drove through him. It transferred me at other planet, real or imaginary, but I believe it was a imaginary one. Everything around me was like a dead wasteland and wad filled with hundreds of man like creatures, which had grey skin and red eyes. They were roaming like zombies with no direction or orientation and they acted like they can't notice me. They were looking kind intimidating and scary, so my first thought that came to me was they are going to attack me and the moment that happen they start attacking me for real, from all over directions, I tried to run down them with my car, but they were too many, my car couldn't start anymore, they broke my glasses with the intention to reach me, they were howling at me. I got out from the glass rooftop and start kicking and punching them out of the car rooftop in win or lose situation. An idea suddenly came to me that maybe they are sensing my fear and attack, and with nothing else to do I follow the idea and stopped all of my emotions, suddenly all creatures stopped at their tracks and were moving aimlessly again like they couldn't sense me, I immediately thought so everything of this was just a test and used my blank state of mind or like some call it, the zen state. I closed my eyes and just let go of everything and began to fall backwards. The moment I hit the floor, the entire planet surface folded into fours, like made from paper, they I saw the entire planet did the same from orbit, then saw the entire galaxy fold in four all around me and just like that I open my eyes sitting on a chair.

      The chair was made from strange material and was oval in nature like egg. I was in completely empty room with strange symbol's all over the walls, which I couldn't read. Starting from the chair they were a path with glowing symbols that were changing constantly like a countdown to something, at the end of that path of symbols, on the wall there was doorlike portal. I got to it and touch it, a sensation hit my mind, it was a Doorway to the fifth dimension, the entities were giving me a choice to abandon my physical body and to join them in fifth dimension and there was a countdown to my response. The test I passed served as a sign that I was ready to join their ranks. I moved my hand through the portal, but couldn't do it, I still have things to accomplish on this side, I conveyed my answer to them through my thoughts and sat back on the chair. The chair began to move and little before I leave this space a entity appeared next to the portal, which bowed his head a little and waved his hand for goodbye and gone through the portal. When I left this space I immediately woke up in my bed.
      lucid , memorable