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    1. A member of the forum guided me into the dream

      by , 08-03-2020 at 12:05 PM
      It seems I mix the wrong herbs, because I got some very vivid dreams. My two wbtb failed, but got one after I woke up and tried to fall asleep again. Tried SSILD, but I got too focused and couldn't fall asleep, tried WILD to no avail, tried VILD but my visualization wasn't stable enough and was falling apart before entering the dream, then I thought what if somebody else create the entry for me. I visualize a man, I haven't an idea why Sageous name come to my mind, but he suddenly appeared in front of me in a flesh(he is the only one I know how he look irl).

      He glance at me and walk ahead in the darkness of my eyes creating a door, he enter inside and I follow him, I get directly into the dream, I emerged into one very enormous movie theatre, the screen was very large and there were five floors of seats, the ceiling was at least seven floors high, the dream was very stable, no need for further stabilization. I walk around and enter in the hallway, on the wall in front of me there was a big movie poster with text above "showing now", I come closer to the poster to see it in details, I couldn't believe my eyes, I was on the poster clothed in some fancy battle armor in action pose, an explosion behind me and an alien ship. The title was "Stardust" and there were list of main actors, my real name was there "playing as himself", producer "Sageous", I freak out, I turn my head around to see if text are gonna change, but it didn't. There were other pictures on the wall, scenes from the movie, just then I recognize it, this was the dream I was having at the beginning of the night. It was about an alien invasion, me and my brother fighting the aliens with giant mech's which we accidentally found in a underground cave. It looked like power rangers but with horror elements and battles like Pacific rim. I couldn't believe my eyes and said something like "who is watching me" "how", but the dream turn black and I wake up.

      I wonder what the hell was that? Maybe I need a vacation, because surely that was freakish.
      Tags: vild