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    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes

    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes
    My goal with this journal is to get a better dream memory and help me focus on the things I want to dream about. I think this will help me remember my goals when I become lucid. Here are my lucid goals. After every goal I have a journal about how my progress is going.

    1. Develop a habit to always start my lucidity with meditation and ponder, try to remember how the dream started if it was DILD. Make a plan what I am going to do in this dream and reflect about these goals.
    2020-05-19 I realized the dream just started by trying to remember how it started. I was about to plan what I would do but woke up.

    2. Get massage
    2020-04-07 I got massage but it was not pleasant at all. It felt like he was pinching me and it actually hurt.

    3. Get a dream palace that I know every detail about

    4. Make my own box with all my lucid tools that always are in my pocket, for now I want it to include: a DC phone that can reach all my DCs with.

    5. Create some permanent DCs that I can always reach with my DC phone.

    6. Play on a guitar. Can the dream really make it feel realistic when it can't even render my fingers correctly?

    1. Interview with my DC Ri

      by , 06-21-2020 at 09:05 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in a really big space with different areas. One area only has lava, one area has stones and there are some more. I try to dive into the lava but it hurts. I equip some kind of lava resistant vest and dive again. I dive far into the lava and there are different layers of lava.

      I'm by my old school. I see some birds and some small dirt piles. There are worms in the dirt piles and one of the birds eat a worm. I wonder why they don't eat more worms because there are so many of them. A bird fly away and I fly after it. I become semi lucid here. I think about my post on dreamviews where I wrote about how I sometimes try to rule my dreams when I actually need to be guided. I think this is an excellent way of being guided by my dream. I just keep on flying behind the bird. I also think about how to improve my flying. The bird stops by a pillar on a roof and I stop too. I follow another bird and manages to catch it with my hands. I stop my flying powers and just fall to the ground with the bird in my hand. I grab a lamp-post to dampen the hit with the ground in the last second. I think the bird is scared because of the drop from the sky. There is a girl about 13 years old. I grab her and try to fly. To my surprise it's easy even tough she is heavy. She doesn't like being flewn away with so I go back to the ground and drop her off. Her mother is now there and I ask the two of them if they want to fly with me. They agree so we fly over the school. I remember my interview goal and I ask the mother what her name is. I think she said Marie but I'm not sure so I ask her if she said Marie. She says that she said Ri, not Marie. I'm relieved because I thought she was going to take the identity of my mother Marie. I ask her what her favorite color is and she says yellow. I ask her what her lucky number is and she says Schinski with a polish accent. I'm disappointed because that's a part of my last name and it's not even a number. The dream fades.

      Notes: I would like to ask her more questions. I wonder if I can see her in another dream. I can't remember her face so I'm not sure. I remember the girl's face but not the mother's. Here is the interview in a more simple format:

      Gender: Woman
      Name: Ri
      Favorite color: yellow
      Lucky number: Schinski