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    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes

    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes
    My goal with this journal is to get a better dream memory and help me focus on the things I want to dream about. I think this will help me remember my goals when I become lucid. Here are my lucid goals. After every goal I have a journal about how my progress is going.

    1. Develop a habit to always start my lucidity with meditation and ponder, try to remember how the dream started if it was DILD. Make a plan what I am going to do in this dream and reflect about these goals.
    2020-05-19 I realized the dream just started by trying to remember how it started. I was about to plan what I would do but woke up.

    2. Get massage
    2020-04-07 I got massage but it was not pleasant at all. It felt like he was pinching me and it actually hurt.

    3. Get a dream palace that I know every detail about

    4. Make my own box with all my lucid tools that always are in my pocket, for now I want it to include: a DC phone that can reach all my DCs with.

    5. Create some permanent DCs that I can always reach with my DC phone.

    6. Play on a guitar. Can the dream really make it feel realistic when it can't even render my fingers correctly?

    1. Walking town. Classmate visit. Expensive candy, driving a couple. Church.

      by , 12-06-2020 at 09:42 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I went to bed 11 pm and set an alarm 7 am to re-sleep and get some lucids but I didn't get one. It took a really long time to re-sleep the first time. Probably because I already slept 8 hours.

      I'm walking past the school and thinking about how this probably is a dream. I can't remember how I got here. I think I did a RC and decide that it isn't a dream.

      Notes: I'm not sure I did the RC but in the dream I thought I did it.

      I'm walking home from town and see Hugo walking in front of me. As I enter the big door to my house Hugo turns and greets me. He walks in and we talk about somehting in the outer yard.

      I'm in Hemmakväll and looking at their candy. They have small 15 g candy bars for 100 kr (12 USD)! I am shocked because of the high prices.

      I'm biking town and drive through Hemmakväll. They have an exit at their back too. I drive back and there is an Indian couple there jumping on my bike. The girl behind me and the man on the back. I drive without using my hands and there are also more pedals for the seat where the man sits. He isn't biking a lot and I do all the hard work. I turn by leaning to the sides. It becomes really heavy and I stop biking but the bike keeps on going. I tell them by every turn which way I'm going and ask them if they want to leave. I'm by the last turn to my house and they want to leave. The Indian man is really greatful and I am just happy to have been able to help them. I walk to my house and see two boys around my age, a bit younger. They are joking about names and I laugh when one of them says the other boys name is Valor. My mom is excpecting the two boys and do a sign to them to come in.

      I'm in church with a lot of people.