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    1. Early Morning, 7/21/20

      by , 07-22-2020 at 04:43 AM
      Woke up around 3:30. Recall the following:

      Person with unusual head (doesn’t look like a head, more like a ball). Some kind of math involved? The person turns…

      …I have a Bible that looks like Myst: The Book of Atrus hardcover.

      …Water, island (?). About dream control, but not lucid. I think that it would be easier to do something unusual like suck up the water around me and spit it out than to try to do something less unusual. I then go under water…

      Driving. Something about telling the truth about something. It involved people being treated harshly…


      “Labyrinth” in chimney

      We (Dad and I, perhaps) are doing something with the mulberry tree at my Grandparents’ old house. This involves taking apart one of the branches, in which is a piece of metal. This appears to go along with some other metal pieces, and attach in a chimney to perform some unknown function. This has been a mystery of the house for some time. I think of it as a labrynth for some reason. There are some symbols in the chimney describing what it is that you are supposed to do, but the symbols are hard to interpret.

      I think the mulberries on the tree were of a very pale color, almost white.

      Also, I think this may be a part of the dream:

      There is something down in the basement that goes along with the labyrinth. It is behind a lot of my clutter, though. I go down to look for it.


      I don’t remember much details of this dream. Here are the notes I took when I woke up:

      Scary place, much shooting, can get trapped there, getaway at end