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    1. Hello New York! - (My first lucid)

      by , 12-06-2020 at 10:42 PM
      Hello New York!
      Lucid #1 - (DILD)

      Iím stood on a busy city street and it has a New York vibe about it. I see one of my childhood friends and see he is a paper boy. He has finished his round and collects his cash from a man only all he receives is a postcard. He is angry and rightly so. Iím shocked he did all that work for nothing! He walks away and is now in front of me. I go after him but as I leave I realise my foot is caught on a random one strap over the shoulder bag which is now looped around my ankle. I call out his name but trip and stumble clumsily over the bag as I walk forward. I am then out in the city street and appear to have a bunch of friends with me. I am still tripping over the bag which I canít shake off my foot. I stick my leg up and try to shake it off and say ďBloody hell!Ē In a rather comical way. I then stumble and catch myself on a spherical stone on top of a wall. It shakes me and now I look at my surroundings and see a massive city square bustling with people. I look up and see towering skyscrapers, neon signs and a large blue universal studios globe hanging at the centre. It looks as if Iím in Times Square? ďNew York?Ē I say perplexed surprised to be here. It is in that moment I turn to my friends, still holding the stone sphere, with the bag around my leg and I realise how bizzare all this is. ďIím dreaming arenít I?Ē I ask as if I need confirmation from them. I hear their laughs and they all think Iím been silly but Iím not. It all feels odd. I look around again and the whole city looks real and it feels as if Iím really here. I doubt I am dreaming for a moment and then remember the reality check! I look at my hand and see my wedding ring. I close my hand and know if I open it and the ring is gone I am dreaming. It all looks so real though that I doubt it will work. As I open my hand Iím shocked to see the front of my ring has vanished and the ring finger canít open fully and remains bent and crooked as if glitched. I feel an overwhelming sense of amazement and begin to laugh with shock and joy. I throw my arms up and yell ďwaaaa-haaaaay!Ē Iím over joyed that Iím finally having a lucid dream! I remember if I get too excited I may wake up so I quickly rub my hands together to stabilise the dream as I had learnt. I then decide I need to start moving or I risk waking up. So I set off and begin walking with a skip in my step and letting out a shaky breath of air as I try to calm my excitement. The setting has now changed to night time without my realising and I walk down the busy open square probably with a huge grin on my face. ďHello New York!Ē I say taking it all in. I then see a yellow taxi cab and inside I see a friend and her baby smiling back at me. ďOh itís you! Hello!Ē I yell and wave at them finding the oddity hilarious and equally amazing. I donít know quite what to do with myself and randomly decide I want to skid around on some ice for some reason since thereís so much space. Only there is no ice? I donít see this as a problem and put my hands out and effortlessly begin spraying ice from my finger tips which seem to stiffen and tingle as I do. I am amazed and a little in disbelief that it worked and how easy it was and watch it hiss out of my fingers and hit the floor. It sticks and begins to spread and twinkles with a frosty sparkle. I hear the friends I was with in the back ground talking. One asks ďDo you think Iím dreaming too?Ē ďYeah probablyĒ another replies. Now my ice is done and I go to skid but itís already vanishing and not slippy enough to skid on. So I use my hands again and this time cover the patch in water first then add the ice after hoping it will freeze it. It works and now we have a large ice patch to skid on. I jump in triumph and hope I may stay in the air levitating as I do but instead gravity brings my feet back to the ground. It didnít work but I think oh well one thing at a time. I then skid across the ice effortlessly and beckon my friends to do the same. They do and I see them now. I donít really recognise them but one looks like the bully character from a series Iím watching. I am so giddy and tell them to keep going. ďskid!Ē They do but they donít seem to be having any fun and only doing it because I say so. This disappoints me a little and then. I wake up.

      So this was my first lucid dream after beginning practice. It took me 9 days to accomplish and to this date is still one of the best Iíve had. It started with me noticing the oddness of the bag that wouldnít leave my ankle followed by the realisation that I was in New York even though I donít live there and never actually been either. It was a strange feeling as everything felt so real so how could I be dreaming. Thankfully a successful RC confirmed it and I was jumping for joy but managed not to wake myself up at the same time thankfully. For my first real lucid I had surprisingly good dream control and was able to use ice powers expertly and even used my imagination to solve a problem by freezing water to make it slippy. It was very stable and I felt fully awake within the dream and was an amazing first glimpse at what could be achieved.

      Waking Notes:

      Stability: High
      Control: High
      Clarity: High
      Awareness: High
      Length: Low

      Trigger: Noticing Dream oddity
      RC: Successful hand check
      Length: 3 mins approx.
      Goals: To become lucid
      Techniques: WBTB, MILD, RCs, ADA,
      Time: 6 - 6:30am
      Lucid count: 1

      - Heavy emphasis on ADA & RCs in the evening
      -Slep through the night with Low recall
      -Woke from a 6am alarm

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