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      Thanks Indigo for responding.
      It's not too personal to ask.
      it probably does reflect my view, though, this dream is several months after this nonsense started.
      and what the state government's as well as the federal government here in Australia has been saying, really amazes me.
      the absolute foolishness.
      thankfully i can "say" that on this forum/platform, and not in a public platform, such as social media.
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      If it isn't too personal, does it reflect your view on the covid jabs? Maybe that they are pushed by authorities too much, not feeling like making a really free choice etc.? Or fears that the vaccine could become mandatory or de-facto mandatory?
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      well, im sure this dream, was related to leaving my previous church.
      part of that also included a young woman whom i liked, which wasn't reciprocated by her.
      so, i had to forget about her, fairly quickly, hence the record time.
      i didn't include the attraction to the woman, in the dream for this forum, because it was a little bit irrelevant.
      or it was for my reference only.
      beating the record wasn't intentional, it happened as a result of what had to be done.
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      How do you feel when beat the record or how did this dream make you feel?