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    1. Cyclops River Battle

      by , 05-06-2022 at 09:00 PM
      Had some dreams last night were a post apocalyptic thing involving a battle with cyclops people.

      There was a family that needed to evacuate their house, and they shoved everything onto this deck that converted into a boat. Then they use the rapids to swiftly exit the area. A lot of people were evacuating like this. Unfortunately, the cyclopses got into the water. One family lost their child.

      I turned into my dragon and breathed embers on it (I really need to incubate some new, actually useful powers), which did nothing. It pulled out a gun and started firing at me, so I had to dodge in the air, flying in zigzags.

      I proceeded to use my dragon’s tailblade to reflect sunlight into its eyes, blinding it temporarily so I could properly attack.

      But I lost.

      It ended up grabbing me and was going to eat me, but I stopped the scenario in that moment. Everything came to a halt. The monster just sat there waiting. It wasn't a complete time freeze, but more of a narrative freeze.

      It was feeling early morning though so I woke up at about 7:40 AM.

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